How to Start an EFT Tapping Session

How To Start An Eft Tap
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How do you start an EFT tap, right?

How do you do it?

So the first thing you have to do is determine what it is that you’re going to work on. And that can be the most complicated part of all for most people, because if you go too broad, it doesn’t work. And you’ve got to get really specific.

So find a specific thing that bothers you.

Then you’re going to choose your SUDS, which is your subjective unit of distress scale. On a scale of 0 to 10, how bad do I feel?

And then you’re going to create a setup statement based on that topic.

So the setup statement is, even though I have this problem and you’re going to substitute, I have this problem with the thing that you’re tapping on.

And then you can choose that affirmation phrase “I love, accept and forgive myself” is a great one.

So you’re going to do that while you tap on the side of your hand or on the sore spot in this case we’ll use the side of the hand.

So you say, “even though I have this problem I love, accept and forgive myself.”

Do that three times and tap your points and that’s how to start an EFT tapping session.

If you want to know how to tap, we have a separate video on that as well. 

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