EFT Skills Coaching

Develop Your Skillset. Increase Your Confidence.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed and doubting your ability to be an effective practitioner? Becoming an EFT Practitioner can be daunting. And sometimes you need someone to hold your hand during the process.

At the Center for EFT Studies, we understand that. And so we have gathered together a group of highly skilled coaches to help you. We know a little hand-holding never hurt anyone!

These live, one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to help you gain confidence as you move through the learning process. The sessions are not required, however, we have found that when you work with a coach during your training, you not only have more confidence, but you are a better practitioner for your clients.

During your 60-minute customized session, your Skills Coach will:

  • Answer your questions about the training, your tapping sessions, and the various EFT techniques.
  • Review EFT techniques you are unsure about until you feel comfortable with how to do them and when to use them.
  • Practice the techniques to gain confidence.
  • Provide feedback to improve your technique and make sure you are “doing it right.”

Keep in mind the coaches are not here to judge you. They are here to help you. This is the time to make mistakes and “look stupid.” We are not only okay with that, we encourage it. Your Skills Coach’s job is to help you move past your fears and doubts so that you are confident during your client sessions.

You are not limited to one session. We will give you all the help you need to get you through this and gain your confidence. 

We are offering the most affordable skills coaching sessions in the industry at only $65 per session. You can’t find this kind of one-on-one mentoring support for that price anywhere else.

Ready to book a session?

Here’s what to do:

  1. Choose the coach you want to work with.
  2. Click the “Book Your Session” button to take you to that coach’s calendar.
  3. Find an appointment day and time that works for you and click on it to book it.
  4. Pay for the appointment within the booking process to confirm it. Once everything is set, you will see a confirmation of the appointment and get an email confirmation with a link.
  5. Show up for your session on time. Click the link provided in your email. Be ready with your questions.
We know you want to be the best EFT practitioner that you can be. We offer this program to help you get there.