Would You Like to Work With a Skills Coach?

Becoming an EFT Practitioner can be scary. And confusing. And sometimes you really would just like to have someone help you along the way. At the Center for EFT Studies, we understand that. And so we have gathered together a group of highly skilled coaches who can help you while you are learning all this. We figure a little hand-holding never hurt anyone! 

These live, one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to help you to gain confidence as you move through this process. They are optional, not a requirement to complete the course. Only you know whether or not this is something you need or want. 

Our coaches will help you to:

  • Review the various techniques until you feel comfortable with how to do it and when you would use it
  • Answer your questions about the training, about your tapping sessions, and about the various techniques
  • Make sure you are “doing it right.”
And remember, we are not here to judge you but to help you. This is the time to make mistakes and “look stupid.” We are okay with that! Our job here is help you move beyond that fear and so that you feel very confident when you sit down in front of your clients. 

We strive to keep this affordable for you so the sessions are just $60 per hour. 

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