Refund Policy for the Premier Online EFT Certification Course at the Center for EFT Studies

EFT Training Online is a life-changing journey. But getting started can be scary. To those who are considering getting certified in the Emotional Freedom Techniques with us at the Center for EFT Studies, the EFT Refund policy is important to know!

For your comfort and satisfaction, we offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind as you begin your EFT tapping Certification journey. This gives you sufficient time to see how the classroom works, observe classroom requirements, ask questions, and experience the teachings. 

If at the end of that, you determine that the class is not for you, we honor that with our guarantee.

In order to take advantage of the money-back guarantee, you only need to send an email to

You can learn more about the certification program by visiting the home page at

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