How Do You Choose Your Topic in EFT Tapping?

How Do You Choose Your Topic In Eft Tapping
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How do you choose your topic in EFT Tapping?

So the biggest mistake that people make is that they try to go really, really general.

For example, they’re going to say, “even though I have low self-esteem…”, well, that isn’t going to work at all because it’s too general, you need to get very specific.

So you might say something like “even though my mother said I would never amount to anything.” And then your reminder phrase, “I love, accept, and forgive myself.” Right?

So what you can do then is you can choose various aspects, various topics underneath the issue of, for example, self-esteem.

So it could be “even though Brad Baker called me ugly in the sixth grade, I love, accept, and forgive myself” and find various pieces underneath of the topic of self-esteem or whatever your general topic is in order to start breaking it down and getting results.

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