Tapping for Alcohol, Anxiety & Allergies

Tapping For Alcohol
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Do allergies and anxiety play in role in tapping for alcohol addiction?

Alcoholism is complicated. In this teaching, we address tapping for alcoholism, anxiety, and allergies.

This is the final short video of a three-part series of tapping for alcoholism with EFT master practitioner and instructor Deborah Lindsey.  

Here she discusses how the addiction often arises to manage anxiety but that the choice of alcohol as a solution to that anxiety may be caused by a food allergy!

Often when tapping for alcohol, people overlook the physical aspects of the addiction. When in reality, addictions can play a big part in what cultivates an attraction to a particular kind of alcohol. The alcohol of choice is your greatest clue. 

The allergy can mean that the body is not appropriately metabolizing and absorbing nutrients correctly.

Or it can mean their energy body is moving backward in the presence of the ingredient, making them extra attracted to it. It is, in a form, the saboteur in physical form. 

When the allergy is regulated, often the craving for alcohol subsides quickly and the person gains more control over the alcohol. 

Tips for tapping for alcohol addiction when allergies are indicated

Hey, guys, it’s Deborah Lindsey, and I’m here to give you some more practitioner’s tips. The goal here is to help all of you practitioners out there to get really, really good at what you do.

So I want to talk a little bit more about tapping for alcoholism. So I’ve got a couple of tips on here already about vitamin B. And I’ve got a little bit of a tip on here about some of the ancestral stuff.

But these people also have other allergies going on that are really affecting their capacity to stop drinking alcohol.

I’m going to ask the question, why alcohol? Why not something else? I mean, clearly what we’re talking about with it is anxiety, but there’s a reason why they’re choosing this particular addiction as compared to something else.

And often it has to do with the management of this anxiety. And when the body is having particular responses, then alcohol provides a solution for that.

So what you will find is these people are often allergic to sugar and their body is not utilizing sugar correctly.

And so when they’re drinking alcohol, they they’re getting tons and tons of sugar with that. And it really gives their body, this energy source that it needs to feel calm. 

So you can tap on, “even though my body doesn’t metabolize and absorb sugar…” or “even though my body doesn’t utilize sugar correctly…” or “even though my body is allergic to sugar….”

And you might find some great changes with that.

Now, you also usually have a problem with whatever the main component is in the alcohol that they choose.

So like, if they’re drinking beer, maybe it’s a hops addiction, or maybe it’s barley, or whatever is in the beer.

So you can tap on that. “Even though my body reacts strongly to barley, I love, accept, and forgive myself.”

If it’s whiskey, I guess that’s corn.

So those are some ideas that you can try to see if it helps calm them down. Remember all of alcohol addiction, all of addiction in general, is about the management of anxiety.

So what we’re really trying to do is calm down the underlying anxieties. Right?

So you’ve got all the emotional issues. We can’t deny any of that.

But we also can deal with some of these physical issues to help calm that down.

So I hope that helps. If you’re someone who’s looking to further your training and certification, check out my online training and Online EFT Certification training at onlineeftcertification.com.

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