Tapping for Alcoholism & Vitamin B

Tapping For Alcoholism
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Tapping for alcoholism is very complicated. 

For instance, did you know that Vitamin B plays a huge role in the lives of those struggling with alcoholism and is a big contributor to cravings?

Vitamin B is critical to anxiety management. Yet research indicates that many alcoholics are either allergic to vitamin B or unable to metabolize and absorb it correctly. 

Many people who struggle with cravings for alcohol benefit from the regular use of a sublingual vitamin B supplement for just this reason.

But supplementation doesn’t resolve the underlying problem. So the question is, can we use tapping for alcohol cravings by tapping on the body’s relationship with vitamin B?

In this short video, EFT Master Instructor Deborah Lindsey talks about how tapping can help to balance levels of Vitamin B in the body to help those struggling with alcohol addiction to overcome their most difficult challenges.

Can we use tapping for alcohol cravings if the cravings are caused by a vitamin deficiency?

Hey, guys, it’s Deborah Lindsey, and I want to give you some more practitioner tips on how to really take your practice to the next level.

So the thing I want to talk about today is alcoholism.

So when you’re dealing with alcoholics, boy, this is a complicated topic. There is a lot going on there. But I’ll give you a little tip that will really speed things up a bit.

Here’s the thing about alcoholics. You have an allergy going on.

Did you know that alcoholics are almost always having a reaction to or a resistance to the metabolization of vitamin B? And vitamin B helps them to manage their stress because it’s a stress management vitamin?

So if the body is deficient in vitamin B, they always feel more stressed.

So you can suggest that they take a sublingual vitamin B, you know, based on what your legalities are of what you can or cannot suggest.

But you can also tap with them on their vitamin B resistance.

So try “Even though my body does not metabolize or absorb vitamin B, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I instruct the body to now efficiently and effectively metabolize vitamin B.”

You’ll be amazed at how calm they get once the body is utilizing vitamin B. (And you will find that their cravings diminish almost immediately.)

Again, these are complicated topics and you might have to tap on that four or five, 10 times before they really hold on it. And you might need to do it consistently over time.

But once they start metabolizing vitamin B optimally, they calm down. And once the anxiety is lessened, then the need for alcohol goes down.

So if you’re not a practitioner but you’re thinking about becoming one, check out my online EFT certification training at https://onlineeftcertification.com.

I’m Deborah Lindsay. And, you know, together we’re going to make all these people better.

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If you are someone who feels compelled to help those people who struggle with addictions or you want to learn more about tapping of alcoholism, even if it is for personal use, consider getting certified in EFT Tapping. 

Here at the Center for EFT Studies, we offer some of the most comprehensive EFT Certification training in the world. We are the only program that offers a section in our tapping training that focuses specifically on working with addictions (not just cravings). 

We dig deep into the underlying causes of alcoholism and how to use tapping for alcoholism and tapping for cravings for alcohol. And we look at not just the underlying trauma and stressors that are often implicated but also the physical stressors such as allergies, genetic issues, ancestral issues, and the body’s relationship with vitamin B. 

If that is something that interests you, we would love to have you as a student in the program. Feel free to email Deborah at deborah@onlineeftcertification.com with any questions. 

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