Getting to know Deborah Lindsey

The Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping or EFT, is a powerful healing tool that can be used for a wide variety of issues and challenges. But what is taping good for exactly? In this video, EFT Master Practitioner and Certifying instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses the various things that Tapping can help. 

Transcript:Getting to know Deborah Lindsey

Want to take a minute and answer the question of who am I and the reason I’m doing this is because I think if you are thinking about getting the training with me, you need to know who I am and where I come from and see whether that’s something that aligns with you. So you can see from my background, I currently live in Panama City, Panama, and this is a big divergence from where I came from. I started out as a kid on a farm.

And in a small town in Pennsylvania and I grew up milking cows and throwing hay bales and cleaning up cow poop and all of those things that farm kids did do. And then after college, where I studied communications and government, I moved to Washington, D.C. and then from there moved to West Virginia. Where I opened my practice, but while I was in Washington, I had started a business working in the music industry and what we did was we helped to develop unsigned artists.

That’s what we did. In fact, I’m proud to say we had the first hosted radio program on XM Radio in the world at the time. Now it’s called XM Serious, I think serious, serious, something like that. And so we help people to become famous. But it was very stressful work. And I came from a background with a mom who had a lot of problems with depression and anxiety. I didn’t have that stuff as a kid, I always felt safe, but as an adult, when I got into the big, bad, competitive world and it got hard and it got scary and I was on my own, I began to develop anxiety really bad.

And it got to a place where it was debilitating. I was you know, the thing that stands out to me was when the phone would ring and it would be something really stressful, I would find myself crawling under my desk in fetal position, just sort of shaking until I could get my strength to come out. At the time, I had a number of people working with me, and so I can only imagine what was going through their head when the person who they’re supposed to be leaning on is hiding under the desk again, basically with their thumb in their mouth, trying to get through the day.

And so that took me on a path of alternative health care. I didn’t have enough money at the time to get health care, so I couldn’t go down the pill path, thank God. So I had to try everything, alternative that I could. I started out with with essential oils. That was the first thing I learned in my mom. And I started a business called Long Haul Farm. Where we would sell essential oils and teach people about aromatherapy and then that was sort of short lived because at the time it was time for me to move to West Virginia, I had met someone who was on to the next phase of my life.

And so it was while I was in West Virginia, I had taken a few alternative health care trainings that were helpful but didn’t really solve it. And then one day we were doing a health fair where we were giving away free sessions for the people in our small town to teach them about alternative health care. When this man named Ken came up and he was doing EFT, I had never heard of it and he demonstrated it for me. And now this is 20 plus years ago and no one had ever heard of EFT, and it seemed ridiculous, this man was tapping on my face and I was supposed to get better.

And I thought, this is just ludicrous. But the reality was that I felt a change. So I started playing with the little bit that I knew. And then I went on and I got Gary Craig’s trainings and I studied it and studied it and studied it because there’s a lot of it, like one hundred and fifty hours of training. And I opened a practice. And the lady in town actually gave me a free office in her one of the ladies and to give me a free office at her building because there was nobody in it.

And so I was able to start giving free sessions, and I did that as a sort of internship for a while. And one of the ladies in my community, a psychologist, actually sent out an email I didn’t know very many people at the time I was new in town and she sent out an email to her list. And it was a small list, a couple of hundred names, but from that day forward, my practice was full. I was seeing, you know, I had eight hours of work to do every day.

And over time, those people transitioned from being free clients into being paid clients. And I ended up growing into having my own center. I was called the Self Health and Awareness Center there in West Virginia, and it became a full time job for me. I would teach classes and I would see clients and I was able to take care of myself. Then a while later, I decided to start an online university where we were teaching people about these many principles.

It was called the International Metaphysical University, and that taught me how to take classes online. I had to learn, you know, by fire. And so I put the EFT class up online as a part of that training, as a part of that process. And once I saw the power of having online classes instead of teaching EFT live, I was going around to different centers and teaching and I would have, you know, five, 10, 20 students in a classroom.

But it was so limiting and the other thing that was a problem with it was that I couldn’t teach them what they really needed to know in a few days, three or four days max, often oftentimes a weekend. And so I always felt like I had left people wanting. And even now when I see people taking life training, I kind of feel bad for them because I know they can’t possibly absorb all that content in a few days. And I know that even though the instructor may be well intended,  intending.

And really want people to learn that the system itself, the weekend workshop itself, is never enough. You need time as a student, as a human to learn. So if you walk out of a weekend workshop, which was what was happening often, is that people would be excited and wow, this is great. And then they would forget, you know, if they could have even absorbed it all in the first place. They forget a lot of it quickly.

And then by the time they go out to practice, they have no support and know they could call me. But it’s not the same as having as having oversight while you go through a training and having the time to absorb it and the time to really practice and develop your craft. And so then I eventually close my center and focused entirely on the online work because to me it’s just a superior way to teach and it also freed me up so I didn’t have to live in this small town anymore.

When I was a teenager, my I always wanted to travel. And when I was a teenager, I saw this ad on television with the professor from Gilligan’s Island for any of you who are in my age group and remember that. And he was doing a television commercial for something called YFU  (Youths for Understanding), and it was a student exchange program. So we had a woman come to live from us. I called the number and we had a woman come to live with us, girl, come to live with us for a year who I now consider to be my sister.

And then I went to Japan as an exchange student and to be honest, up until that point in my life, I never felt like I belonged. And when I got involved with the international students, the international community, I really found my home. So the point of that is whenever I left West Virginia, I didn’t know where I was going. I just started moving. And one of the students from the class actually gave me her flight benefits for a year, which is like the greatest gift anyone’s ever, ever, ever given me.

And so I was able to begin traveling the world. And the cool thing was that because the training was online, I could do that. And so I traveled the world for some time. And when I was ready to settle down again, I found myself living in Panama City, Panama, which is where I live now. You can see the view from my window in the background. And and so I work exclusively online with people now. And the reason that’s valuable information is because you two can do it.

If you’re somebody who wants the freedom of working from home, you want the freedom of being able to travel. You don’t want to pay for an office. You don’t want to be in one place all the time. You can still do that as an EFT practitioner because most of my practitioners have their practices online. Now, you don’t have to pay for an office. You don’t have to find your clientele and just your own small town. Now you can find your clientele all over the world, just as my students come from all over the world.

So I just wanted to tell you a little bit about me, because when you’re making a decision about who you want to train with, instructor is an important piece of that puzzle, an important piece of knowing who you relate to, who you align with, who you want to learn from, who you trust. And so I just thought you should know about me before you make that decision. And if you decide that I’m someone that you can relate to and you like and I’d love to have you in the class, I’d love to train you because for me, the great joy in my life is not doing sessions anymore.

It’s not what I do now. I did it for 12 years, sitting down in front of people day in and day out. Now I work with students. That’s my role now. That’s what I do. And so your relationship with me is a critical piece of this puzzle. And I want you to know who I am before you make that decision. So if you have any other questions, you can always reach out to me. You can look at the website at  to see the content of the training and to see whether it feels like the right thing for you.

But anyway, that’s about me. And I’d love to get to know you, too, and. Yeah, I hope you sign up for the training bye.

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