Getting To Know Deborah Lindsey

If you are interested in getting trained in EFT Tapping, you will probably want to know a bit more about me, Deborah Lindsey. In this video, I tell you my story and how got started in the world of EFT. 

Deborah Lindsey
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*A few bits of info that might make this all make more sense… I sold Local Music Store in 1997 because the anxiety had just become too much and went on to seek answers in alternative healthcare, which led me to where we are today!

Funny Pics of Me Back in the Day!

I thought it would be fun to share a few pictures of me back in the day. We didn’t take many photos back then and they aren’t so great but it’s a fun trip down memory lane. The first photo is of me sitting at “my big government desk” that I used to crawl under. The other is of me in my home office, and the other is a pic is of me with my team who had to put up with me crawling under my desk!  

Deborah Lindsey Eft
Deborah Lindsey
Deborah Lindsey

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