What is Tapping Good For?

The Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping or EFT, is a powerful healing tool that can be used for a wide variety of issues and challenges. But what is taping good for exactly? In this video, EFT Master Practitioner and Certifying instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses the various things that Tapping can help. 

Transcript: What is Tapping Good For?

For people who are new to EFT., it can be a little sort of unbelievable. That EFT can help so many things, how’s that possible? I remember when I first got trained and I was putting out there that I could help this and this and this, and this guy, some guy one of the guys in my Healing Practitioners group, actually, it was like, nobody’s going to believe that you can help so many things with this. And it was actually a hit on my credibility that if he could help so many things.

But that was because, A, nobody had ever heard of it back then and also because people didn’t understand. How it works, which is something we really talk about in the EFT training, when you start to really understand how EFT works, you understand that it does apply to all of these different things because. Underneath all of. These. These issues are a disruption in the body’s energy system and that disruption in the body’s energy system when it’s identified and it’s cleared.

it calms all things. It’s powerful that you can use the EFT to deal with something as simple as a headache or a phobia. But it can also work for addictions and it can help with sexual trauma and it can help with self-esteem and limiting beliefs and so many different things. It’s like a cascade of issues once you have. Identified those. Disruptions, those things that are like ripples in the water of your life and you take them out so that you’re not chronically traumatizing.

You just calm. You come on the inside, you come on the outside and your symptoms come down. That’s why you left is great for everything, because it’s a disruption in the energy system. So. Whether you have an immune disease or you have anxiety or depression or PTSD or whatever, once you use these techniques and they’re not necessarily easy to learn. Right. And they’re not necessarily simple. But once you learn the techniques and how to really maneuver within them and how to put the effort to practice, it can be used to heal your life.

It’s not just a technique that heals. Things enhance lives. And that, I think, is what makes it so special and so powerful and why it’s worth learning. Because after all, don’t we all need that? Don’t we all need to just feel better in our own skin and feel better in our own lives to be able to address all of the things that have become little dings in the potential of our real world? You know, all those things that hold us back from being everything we’re supposed to be and do everything we’re supposed to be and to be able to live fully and to have the life that we want to live. So that’s what it really does. Is it addresses all of those things that hold us back so that we can be our fullest self? The Headaches. The Illnesses. The addictions. The limiting beliefs. They’re all a piece of that puzzle. But at the end of the day, it’s all about living your best life.

To me, it’s all about living your best life. And that’s the true power of EFT, that’s what EFT does. I can’t imagine my own life without it. And once you have the training, I feel confident that you will feel the same. Hope to see you in the training.

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