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Why choose OnlineEFT Certification training over live EFT Workshops? In this video, Deborah Lindsey, EFT Master Instructor from the Center for EFT Studies, reviews the pros and cons of an OnlineEFT Certification training over a live EFT workshop. 

So today, I want to talk about onlineEFT training versus live training, and that’s something I know a lot about because I taught the live training for the public 12 years before taking the training online. So I know that live trainings are a lot of fun, and I know that you get there and there’s a lot of people you need, people you get to talk to people and that that’s really exciting and invigorating. At the time, I used to love my live EFT workshops.

We get to meet people, all that good stuff. But in reality, the training you get in a live workshop is. In my experience, infinitely inferior. To what you get in online training. The reason for that is that studies will indicate that in a live workshop you have so much information coming at you, you know, you maybe have two, three, four or five days of training, but you have so much information coming at you so quickly that you can’t possibly remember at all, let alone absorb it all.

And so if you don’t even hear 30 percent of it or you can’t grasp 30 percent of it because you simply don’t have the capacity as a human to remember everything that comes at you, and then you walk out the door all excited with the greatest of intentions to now start to have to practice. You have you’ve already forgotten probably half of what you learned in the workshop, so that’s why so many live EFT Workshops require you to go back and take it again.

Right, because you can’t remember it all the first time. You’ve got to go a second time. And a lot of live EFT Workshops require you to take it with a second professor or second instructor so you can learn different things. But in an online training, you don’t have those problems because you have the time to absorb the content. Moreover, you have the time to put what you just learned into practice so that it’s not just learning about something, it’s embodying something so.

And if you don’t get it, no problem, go back, watch it again, absorb it again, ask questions until you really get it. And the other thing about the online content is it’s consistent. You get everything you need because I as an instructor have time to teach you everything you need. And I don’t have to rush through because our time is running out and you have time to go back and review it as many times as you want.

And you take as much time as you need to practice it until you really get it. Because at the end of the day, the goal here isn’t to get a certificate. The goal here is to be really great at what you do. So when somebody sits down in front of you, they can trust you and you can trust yourself because you know what? You do really know what you’re doing. So the other side of it, of course, is you’ve got consistent training and you’ve got the time to absorb it.

But it’s also cost-effective. Right? Because before if I were going to teach it training to people in Australia, I would have to get on a train, on a plane, drop a couple of grand on a plane ticket, find a place to stay paid for a place to stay, and all those different things to teach you it. And so the cost goes crazy, but not only do I have to get to Australia, you have to get to Australia, right?

So because the training is online, I have students from all over the world. I have a lot of students in the United States, have a lot of students in Canada and Australia and New Zealand and Europe in Asia. So people from anywhere in the world can get the training without having to put down a couple of grand just to get to the training. And you don’t have to give up your life to do it, you can do it from home, that the training one of the things I love about it is that it comes to you, not the other way around.

Give as much time as you need. You can do it according to your own schedule. And you never have to take off work or find someone to babysit the kids. If you want to get out at three o’clock in the morning to do your training, do that because the training is yours. Once you sign up, the training is yours. You have as long as you want. And if you take the training and then a year later, later, you want to go back and review it, there’s a lot of people do.

You can because it’s yours. So it saves a lot of money, it gives you consistency in training and gives you time to really absorb in a body anybody’s skill set. So to me, I would never go back to training lives, not because I don’t love training live. I do. I always enjoyed it. But it’s not fair to you. Fair to you as somebody who honestly wants to be great at their craft, who will be responsible for people’s health.

Imagine being a nurse and going to a weekend workshop. And kissing that and then say, oh, I’m a nurse now because I learned all about nursing doesn’t work that way. You’re a serious professional, you need serious training and you need time to absorb it and embody it and get good at it. And you need consistency to make that happen. And for many people, affordability is a big deal. So many online classes are thousands and thousands of dollars.

Mine is not. And I do that intentionally. I can charge a lot if I want, but I keep it affordable because I want it to be available to anybody who’s serious about learning the craft. The world needs 50 practitioners. It’s the world of the walking wounded out there. I have rarely met a person in my life who doesn’t need the 50. Whether it’s to overcome blocking beliefs or to overcome a traumatic childhood or to overcome pain or. Addictions or whatever it is we struggle with as humans.

Everybody’s got their struggles over me even now. But without this tool. Wow, how do we do that? So that’s why I keep my price fair because I want everybody to be able to access it, and so for the price of the class, you know, most of my practitioners who build their practices are charging upwards of a hundred dollars an hour. So in just a few hours or few clients, you make back the money. So that’s awesome to me.

You know, you don’t have to spend four years in college, but you do have to do your work and there is some cost involved. At the end of the day, you know, you’re improving your own life. You’re improving the lives of others, and you can make a really good living doing it to me. Well, that makes my life worthwhile. And I hope it makes your life worthwhile too. That’s what we’re doing here, right?

Making the world a better place. So that’s my take on online versus live training. And the decision as to which way you want to go is up to you, but if you decide you want to train with me, you know, I’d love to have you. 

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