Is EFT Tapping a Placebo Effect?

Is Eft Tapping A Placebo Effect 1
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I know it’s really hard to trust something that seems so weird, like EFT, right. How could tapping on your face help you to get better? And so you had asked the question, is EFT a placebo effect? It’s a normal question to ask, and the answer is short answer is absolutely not. When you understand how EFT works, then you understand that it’s probably the most powerful healing tool out there, the most advanced healing tool out there today. And it all comes from the understanding that while medicine is looking at us from a biochemical perspective, EFT Tapping is looking at us from an energetic perspective. We are energetic beings. Our emotions are running through our body on channels, meridians, in a way that is predictable. And our emotions, which are energy in motion , are running through those channels. When they get blocked, we get symptoms. When we tune in to that and tap it out, the symptoms go away. Simple as that.

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