How Do You Become a GREAT EFT Practitioner?

Great Eft Practitioner
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How do you become a great EFT practitioner?

The world is full of really good practitioners, but how do you become great at this?

Of course, you need great training. You need to really know and understand all of the techniques and when to use them and how to use them. In the Level 3 training, you really go deep into how to work with people with long-term issues.

And so that kind of training is critical in becoming a great EFT practitioner. But beyond that, you have to have the heart of a healer. You have to have that desire inside of you to help others and see them go through that transformation. And at the end of it, they feel great. But you feel great like something has changed inside of you. And that is worth doing.

You also have to have the ability to trust your intuition because a lot of what you’re doing as an EFT practitioner is learning how to read between the lines. And sometimes you have to be able to hear that little voice inside that is giving you information that’s not coming from the mouth of the person sitting in front of you. And you have to learn how to trust that without letting it override what’s happening in front of you.

And finally, you need to become what I call “the objective, all-loving observer”.

What does that mean? Sometimes people are going to sit down in front of you and they’re going to share their secrets with you. The things that they hold the closest, that they are the most afraid of having revealed to the world. And they’re going to trust you with that. And sometimes those things are not nice.

Not everyone is a victim. Sometimes people are perpetrators, right? And if you sit there from a seat of judgment and you are unable to see them from that position of the Objective, All-loving Observer, you will lose them. You’ll lose them in a heartbeat. And that is the difference between a good practitioner and a great practitioner.

Someone who can see the situation without judging the situation and without judging the person sitting in front of them.; To stay out of the muck and be in the present moment to help them heal from whatever they have experienced or whatever they have done. And to do that from a place of kindness and love and heart.

That’s how you become a great EFT practitioner.

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