Why Would You Invest in Professional EFT Certification Training?

Why Invest In Professional Eft Certification Training
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Why would someone invest in a professional EFT training program like what I offer at the Center for EFT Studies of onlineEFTcertification.com. You would do that because number one, the big reason is that you want to work with others and you want to make a living doing it. Professional practitioners generally make upwards of $100 an hour for EFT sessions, and you wake up in the morning knowing that you did good in the world and that you helped people to improve their lives. But you can also take the EFT training because you want to heal yourself. You’re going to learn the same techniques as a professional. And so when you sit down to do your own work, you’re going to have the tools at your disposal that you need to actually get the results that you’re trying to get. And that’s particularly true if you’re someone who has a history of trauma or lingering beliefs, you know, there’s so much more. EFT is not just about healing a specific moment, it’s about healing your whole life. And if you want to heal your whole life, you need a professional training.

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