Why Choose Accredited EFT Training?

Why Accredited Training
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Why is it important to look for accredited EFT training?

In this video, Deborah explains “what is EFT-accredited training?

‘And why does it matter? She also emphasizes the advantages and disadvantages of getting accredited and also why choose AEFTP? 

Deborah has certified more than 5,000 professional EFT practitioners around the world over the past 20 years.
Certification is offered 100% online, making it available to people everywhere. If you have a computer or tablet or phone and access to the internet, you too can become a professional practitioner! The training is interactive, comprehensive, and beloved by my students. I feel certain that you will love it too! 

This EFT training certification is an opportunity to learn how to help yourself, help others, and make a great living doing so. It is a great way to create a life of meaning and purpose. We also offer an optional Mentorship Program which helps graduates to take their training and turn it into a profitable business and connect you with a community of other professional practitioners. 

The Importance of Accredited EFT Training

To talk about the importance of having accredited EFT training, what is accredited training? Why does it matter? And so my accreditation is with the Association of EFT Professionals AEFTP. There’s a number of different accrediting agencies, but I work with FCP. It’s run by my friend Robin Watkins Smith, who I think is an amazing person. But the reason that accreditation matters is because is EFT a nonregulated protocol. And so what does that mean? That means there’s no governing board, nobody in the government requires you to do certain things to set up shop.

So the reality is that any one of you can learn a few talking points online and set up shop doesn’t mean you know what you do, and it doesn’t mean you’re going to get great results. It means that you can. And for clients, for anyone who is looking for someone to work with them, particularly somebody who has really serious issues and the world is full of them, in fact, for me as a practitioner over the last 20 plus years, what I see out there is a world of the walking wounded.

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t need the help of an EFT practitioner. And I can’t even imagine my life without EFT who I would be if I didn’t have this tool to help deal with my own life. Because life isn’t easy, right. And if I’m sitting down in front of a practitioner, I want to know that that person, honest to God, knows what they’re doing and that that person is well trained and I can trust them with my emotional and physical health.

So what accreditation does is that it is the indicator that someone sitting down in front of you as a practitioner knows what they’re doing and that they’re going to honestly be able to help you and that they have great recognized training. So for you as someone considering getting trained or someone who is working as a practitioner, you need to know that other people can recognize the difference between you. And the person on the street who watched a few videos and thinks they know what they’re doing, it is your mark of approval.

It is your sort of gold star next to your name that says that you are someone who has the training that they need to get. Well, and honestly, if you are out there sitting in front of someone who needs you. And they’re not there if they don’t. You need to be sure, you need to be really sure that you have both the training and the skill set to be able to do right by that person. So the reason I like AEFTP because it’s not filled with tons of regulation.

You don’t have to come back every year and do more CEOs or more CEOs. Somebody told me that one of the other certifying bodies, which gets really expensive over time, requires them to do more CEs to maintain their recognition than their counseling practice did.

With us, we recognize that once you’ve got your training, then the rest of it’s up to you. We’re not AEFTP at least is not looking over your shoulder your whole life to make sure that you are constantly updating your training, because the reality is, if you’re seeing clients, you are constantly updating your skillset. You can’t avoid it because you learn something new from each and every client. But I like AEFTP because they are authentic. I like it because they are able to give you what you need without being intrusive into your life.

But that’s why accreditation is important. And that’s why I chose to work with AEFTP and still do and always will and recommend it for you as well. They also have a list of practitioners on their website. So if somebody is out there looking for someone to work with, they know that they can trust the people that are on that website to be well trained and, you know, sends leads. And at the same time, it gives you credibility.

And that’s sort of the gold star that recognizes you for the quality practitioner that you are. So that’s why. OK, guys. See you in the class.

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