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In this video, Deborah Lindsey discusses how to start your own successful EFT business. She outlines the value of the EFT Tapping Mentorship program and how to use your EFT Certification to start your own EFT Tapping Business.

Oftentimes when people are thinking about getting EFT certified the real issue isn’t really about getting certified?

The real issue is how are they going to build a practice with EFT?

Because they’re two completely different things. Getting certified – That’s the easy part, right? You just show up and you do the work and then at the end of it, you’ve got a piece of paper that says you know what you’re doing. And hopefully, if you’ve done it correctly, you actually do know what you’re doing.

But then you’ve got to build a business.

You’ve got to figure out how to make a living with this new skill set. And that’s a different game.

So there’s no easy answer I can give you to that. There’s not a  15-second sound bite that’s going to be, “oh, if you just do A, B, and C, you can be a successful practitioner who makes good money”. It’s just not that straightforward.

So that’s why, along with Dawn Pensack, who is one of my Master’s graduates who I think is an awesome person, we created the EFT Tapping Mentorship Program.

So the mentorship program is designed to walk you through the process and all the various roads that you can go down to create a successful EFT business.

We have within the mentorship program a tremendous community of other practitioners that you can then collaborate with and work with.

You get to build relationships in order to help encourage you along the path so you don’t feel quite so alone and scared and lost out there. Because it’s a hard prospect to start an EFT business, if it’s something you haven’t done before in particular.

So in the mentorship program, we have something that’s called the success path.  It’s really a step-by-step guide that teaches you each and every step along the path that can guide you toward building a successful EFT business.

And within each of the different modules, we teach you how to start a YouTube channel; how to put a virtual background on to your onto your videos so that it doesn’t look quite so bland; We teach you how to do your social media.

We teach you the difference between personal and impersonal marketing. We teach you how to do your advertising. And it’s just a wide array of information.

It’s specifically designed towards creating your practice.

So that’s why we created the EFT Tapping mentorship program. Because it’s a process and there’s a lot to know and it can be a complicated process.

You need people to help you along the path and that’s why we’re here. So that’s what the EFT Tapping mentorship program is designed for.

And so that’s something that is a consideration for you or a concern we can help you with.

OK, hope to see you in the EFT Tapping Mentorship program.

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