How Do You Know if EFT Tapping Has Worked?

How Do You Know If Tapping Worked 1
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How do you know if EFT Tapping has worked? It’s a really good question. The primary way is through something we call SUDS, the Subjective Unit of Distress Scale, which basically says that you’re going to take a minute and feel how you feel before you tap and then give that a number of between zero and ten. And then when you’re done, you’re going to go back and feel how you feel again and check that number again. But there’s also more subtle things that can happen. For example, you might yawn, you might feel really tired, you might see what’s called a cognitive shift, which is a complete change in perspective on what you thought just a minute before you might burp, you might laugh, but you feel differently. And because it’s a subjective process, that is how you’re going to know that EFT Tapping has worked.

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