Tapping on Children

Is tapping with children any different than tapping on adults?

In this video, EFT Master Practitioner and Certifying Instructor Deborah Lindsey offers some valuable tips on working with children so that you can help them heal at an early age.

I’d love to hear your comments, especially on your experiences of working with children.

Transcript: Tapping on Children

Hey, guys, there are a couple of things I want to talk about today in tapping on children. So dealing with children as an EFT therapist can be really fulfilling because you save a life from the time they’re young. Instead of healing them from the top-down, you’re kind of healing them from the very beginning so they don’t have to spend their future healing their history. And that can be tough considering similar kinds of traumatic, traumatic experiences growing up. A couple of things that I would recommend to you is if you are working with children, the first thing you have to do is you have to determine between the child and the parents whether or not you were going to be required to tell on the child.

So if the parent is going to expect you to come back later and give them the information that the child has revealed to you, the child has to know that because otherwise there is a breach of confidence with the child. But the parent, unfortunately, or fortunately, is going to want to protect their child. And they have the right to know the issues that are out there, especially if the child is very young, what is being revealed? But children, they need confidentiality in order to trust you to give you the information.

So it’s a really tricky wicket here, figuring out what you can do legally, figuring out what you can do ethically and in terms of getting success because as soon as the child realizes that you’re going home or you’re going back afterward and telling mommy the things that that they just told you, I’m never going to tell you anything again. So it’s a really difficult situation that you can be in. And so those decisions need to be made before you go into actually having the first session.

That’s the first thing I would recommend. The second thing is the child must have a private space. If you have mom and dad in the room giving you instructions as you go along. We’re trying to encourage little Billy to reveal A, B, and C, you are never going to get the kind of results you want because most of the time what’s happening with these kids is they’re trying to be good children, good, good, good children.

They’re trying to do what mommy and daddy want them to do. And so they never get a chance to be their authentic self in that situation. And to remember that kids don’t reveal stuff to their mom and dad because they’re afraid of punishment, they’re afraid of being corrected. They’re afraid of being made wrong in some way. Particularly if you have parents who are perfectionists, you’ve got to you’ve got a really difficult situation on your hands. So try to find a place where you can take the child that the child is going to be alone.

But if you have a window or something that the parents can watch you and check-in, they’re going to feel a lot more comfortable because sometimes just taking a child behind closed doors can be really frightening for a parent. They don’t know who you are or what you’re doing in there. And that’s a valid perspective as well. So I hope these little tips help when when when dealing with children. It’s a complicated situation. But if you can get it right or you can save a life, I hope it helps you all.


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  2. Deborah… thank you…

  3. sherricollen says:

    I am working with my students now in the classroom. It’s a group setting and we tap on test anxiety and goal setting. We don’t get into the personal stuff. I am trying to manifest a job within my school district where I can do the healing that they need. I would still be a mandated reporter because everone in any school is. But I never thought about having to report back to parents. I will definitely flush that out. Thank you Deborah!

  4. Rosemarie Howard says:

    Have you ever worked with a child 12 or under via Zoom or Skype, etc? I have not, but would like to consider that option. If you wouldn’t mind sharing any experience or suggestions you have that would be great! I have been working with a couple of minors. One of them is 4 and comes with his mother. The other is a teenager and comes by himself, but the mother has a great relationship with her son. So he shares with her. I don’t–at least not the details of anything he tells me. Thanks!

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