Tapping for Phobias

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Tapping for phobias is a powerful process that transforms lives. But how do you dig in with tapping to find the core issues that underlie the external manifestation of symptoms? In this short video, EFT master practitioner and certifying instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses how to use the “Four Fears” as a shortcut to dig in and find core issues that often linger beneath the surface for those struggling with phobias.

Hey, guys, it’s Deborah Lindsey with EFT online certification. It’s hot here today, so forgive me, I’m sweating away. But I want to talk a little bit today about phobias and the four fears. Many of you have taken my training about the four primary fears that you always want to kind of keep in the back of your mind when looking for core issues. So when you’re dealing with phobias, these tend to be right there on the surface very clearly.

So, for instance, let’s say you’re talking about fear of water. OK, so when you watch, for instance, Dave’s fear of water from Gary Craig, you can see that the real fear is water. He’s not afraid of water because he can drink water. He can splash water on his face. He can put his hands in water. Doesn’t matter. The water is not the fear. So what’s really the fear? So in this case, at the end of the day, you look to the four fears.

So where’s the four fears? Right. In this case, we’re dealing very probably with a fear of dying. So at the end of the day, when he makes the reference, which is essentially the improper reference, you remember we talk a lot about improper references. He makes the improper reference between water and dying. And we have the memories in between. You see, so the memory of his mom telling him, don’t go in the water, you’re going to die, things like that.

So your job is to find where are those fears? And and and the core issue for phobias is almost always going to revolve around one of those four fears. OK, so get in there, dig around, ask a little bit, you know, and pay attention. You’re going to hear the clues and the clues are going to drive you home. OK, hope that helps guys bye.



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