Tapping for Grief

Tapping for Grief is complicated. In reality, grief is a complicated and multi-layered issue that requires great skill to help migrate the client through the pain of loss. In this short video EFT master practitioner and instructor, Deborah Lindsey offers insights and tips on how to use tapping for grief, an incredibly sensitive topic that requires great skill to mitigate.


Transcript: Tapping for Grief

Hey, guys, Deborah Lindsey here, and I want to give you another practitioner’s tip today. Today, I want to talk a little bit about grief. So grief comes in a couple of different forms. The obvious one, of course, is the loss of a loved one. But you also have a situation where someone has lost a relationship, they’ve lost a job, or their life has changed in some way and they’re having difficulty changing their direction. So the biggest thing when it comes to grief, particularly in the grief of the loss of a loved one, is helping them to give themselves permission to move on.

There seems to be this belief that is tied in to the idea that the more you loved, the more you grieve. And I’ve seen this in mothers who feel like they can never give themselves permission to move on, because if they did, they think it might mean that they didn’t mean there, that they didn’t love their child or that or that they are going to forget them, you know, if they move on or that people will think that they’re a bad mother, that they didn’t love their child if they move on.

So sometimes it takes a little bit of coaching. Yeah, you’ve got to do the tapping on each of those different aspects. But you’ve also got to do a little bit of coaching to tell them to let them know that they’re grieving doesn’t have to be forever in order to prove that they that they loved that person. So when you deal with grief, you’re going to have to deal with that, OK? I hope this is a little tip that helps.


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  1. Thank you Deborah, very useful tips. Even if I do not have my own Company I do EFT almost every day. //Åsa

  2. Very true about how mothers who have lost a child usually feel like they have to be forever in grief in order to feel like they are a good mother. How we coach them depends upon their belief system right? So, if we are working with someone dealing with grief who has a religious belief system, we would coach them differently than say someone who believed in reincarnation. But perhaps the question for any mother would be, how long would your child want you to grieve? Do you really think that they would want you to grieve forever?

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