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Tapping for Addictions can be really complicated. Too often people want to tap for addictions as if the substance itself is the problem. In fact, that is the problem with much of the therapy that is wrapped around addiction. It is focused on eliminating the substance instead of dealing with the underlying issues. In fact, for the addict, the drugs or the alcohol are often their solution to the problem, and are not the problem itself.  But when we are tapping for addictions, we focus on the underlying traumas and anxieties rather than the substance itself. And in so doing, we can get amazing results with a bit of patience and understanding.

In this week’s Tapping Tip, EFT Master Practitioner and Certifying Instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses what lies beneath an addiction and how tapping on that rather than the addiction itself can provide the results your client seeks.

Hi. I am Deborah and I had a fun little tapping tip for you for this week, I was talking to one of my recent graduates yesterday, a woman by the name of Diane Sherman, and she said something that I thought was absolutely fascinating and worth passing on to you guys. Now, Diane is a drug and alcohol abuse counselor who’s been working with drug and alcohol abuse people for the last 30 years. And she said that in her practice, she had learned something that was very valuable.

And I agree. She said drugs and alcohol are not their problem. Drugs and alcohol are their solution to the problem. So what’s happening really is these people have this underlying anxiety that’s driving the addictions, right. So think of it as having beach balls that are on top of the water and you just keep pushing them down and pushing them down and they keep popping up, popping up. And so the alcohol, the drugs are like trying to help them keep all of that, all of the underlying trauma or underlying problems underneath the surface.

So rather than tapping on, even though I’m addicted to alcohol, you want to be looking for the underlying problem. Maybe there’s a trauma and maybe there’s a secret, maybe there’s a memory, something going on there that they are trying to manage by not paying attention to it, by not looking at it, pushing it, pushing it away in some way. So as a practitioner, go in there, figure out what that is. Figure out what it is.

Pull that out and tap on it. And you’re going to find that the drug and alcohol, the solution itself becomes less and less necessary. And you might find that you get a whole lot more response and a whole lot better result. So something worth passing on. Thanks, Diane, for the wonderful tips. And good luck to all of you. Love you. Bye.


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