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What is “Tap and Rant?” And how do you use it? In this week’s tapping tip, EFT Master Practitioner and Certifying Instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses the idea of letting the client “rant” and tap until you can get clear on their underlying issues.

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Hey, guys, it’s Deborah Lindsey, I want to talk about a little technique that I use all the time in my life and in my practice, and that’s a little technique that is known often as tap and rant, because sometimes people come into your office to talk to you and they just are on a rant. They’re just talking, talking, talking. And they have like this noise going on in the brain, you know, and they can’t seem to slow them down, nor do you really want to.

They just get so much crap going on it that dumping it all over you. And as a practitioner, your first instinct is, OK, let’s slow this down. Let’s find out what’s going on here and break it down piece by piece. But sometimes what you have to do is you just got to go with them. So if they are on a rant just to take enough control that you can get them tapping. Say, listen, just tap while you tell me, tap while you tell me, and start them tapping while they’re talking about their issue of the day or their issues of the day?

And often you’ll find that it’s actually a story or their stories piece into their rant. And as a practitioner, what you can do is just sort of ask them pointed questions as they go along in a very conversational style. So, for instance, you had a friend who went to the grocery store today and she ended up having a little bit of a battle with somebody in the grocery store and she indignant and she’s going on about it. And so she’s talking about the story of blah blah blah and she says and then she blah, blah, blah.

At that moment, you go hmmm. So tell me more about that and then read them, kind of guide them through giving you more information about what are obviously crescendo moments. Right. Or pieces that are bothering them the most. So then you can kind of guide them through that way just by paying attention and listening and asking questions without actually trying to dig into core issues or do anything else. Just get them through the tap and rant and eventually it will calm down.

And then you can decide at that point whether this is a significant enough issue that you want to go back and actually dive through the various pieces or if it’s good enough all by itself, just having taken the top off of it or dealing with it in the moment. So not everything requires deep digging in and solving everything. Sometimes things are just on the surface at the moment and you can tap what you’re talking about it and it’s just over.

So that’s a great use of the tap and rant. Now, one caution I. I caution against using tap and rant all the time. Some practitioners get kind of lazy and or they’re just not very skilled, honestly, and so they don’t want to have to figure out how to use some of the more advanced techniques. So instead of doing that, they just let the person talk and tap with them. So it’s fine when it’s useful, it’s useful and that’s great.

It’s a really useful tool just to deal with an issue in the moment or something that they’re just going on and on and on about. But when you’re talking about deeper issues, obviously you need to use the more advanced skills you need to be doing some of the trauma to tell the story and then all the other stuff that you’re learning in your training. But so it’s a great technique to have in the right moment. But be cautious not to let it become a primary technique in practice.

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