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Sometimes we can get our best results by just…. saying nothing? Can’t be! Learn how to use the art of Silent Tapping to get great results with your clients. 

Hey, guys, for today’s Tapping tip, I want to talk about silent stepping. So one of the things I never really discussed in the level one and two training that is so valuable, that I wish I had discussed earlier, was the value of shutting up. Because sometimes as practitioners, we want to be the ones to figure out what the underlying issues are. We want to be the ones to get to the core. We want to be the heroes of the story.

And so we go in there, we dig around trying to figure out what the stuff is that we need to address. But the reality is we’re just conduits.

And underneath of it all, they’re the ones who know what the issues are. And the other reality is they’re never really going to tell us 100% of everything. There are so many layers and so many aspects of all of the issues that are going on in their story that we couldn’t possibly know them all, nor do we want to, nor do we need to.

But what happens often is their issues are layering off so rapidly and so sort of unilaterally not unilaterally multi-layered, right? Like there are 20 things going on that are just sort of going through their head all at the same time that they couldn’t possibly communicate to that communicate that with us if they wanted to. So in a time like that, our best approach is just to be quiet and let them tap.

So when you can see, you almost notice that they’re irritated by your voice, like you are disturbing them when they’ve got so much going on in their head. And when you notice that happening, just get quiet and just let them tap.

Let them layer that stuff off that’s going on in their own head and it’s going off at lightning speed. You don’t need a full round for some of that stuff. You got one tap. They thought it was done. The next issue has come up done. You see, that’s very powerful tapping.

You might not be the hero of that story, but the reality is that they’re getting well really rapidly. And your job at that moment is to recognize when the right time is to just be quiet and do silent tapping. So ultimately, as I said, we’re the conduit, and they’re the healer. So let them bring up all of those issues and have their way through it. It’s really effective and really powerful stuff. Okay?

I hope it doesn’t seem too obvious, but it’s really important and very powerful and I hope that you put that into practice. Okay?Thanks, guys. See you next time.

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