Self-Care for EFT Practitioners

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In this short video, Deborah Lindsey offers tips on self-care for EFT practitioners. It is easy to get so caught up in the process of taking care of others that we forget about taking care of ourselves. 

Everybody, Deborah Lindsey again here with tips for EFT professionals.

So this week I want to talk a little bit about self-care for EFT practitioners. One of the things that often happens with healers is that we get so involved in taking care of other people that we forget about taking care of ourselves. So for any of you who have done the professional training, you’ve already done the personal peace procedure. So you’ve gone through that process of cleaning up your own stuff from way back.

And if you really do it well, it’s really deep stuff. So by the end of it, you kind of go, OK, no what? I’m healed. But you know what? Life isn’t like that because we’re all getting bombarded by life every day. So, you know, you turn on the television and there’s some, you know, bomb going off and your subconscious thinks, oh, my God, a bomb went off. And you get a little bit of a trauma from that.

I mean, that’s, you know, where our own lives are. We’re traumatized on a daily basis or at least affected on a daily basis. So one of the things I recommend for professional practitioners is to keep an ongoing personal peace procedure because that list is going to change on a regular basis. And remember to tap on your own stuff. Remember that, you know, you too are a work in process and a work in progress. And don’t expect you’re going to be perfect either.

You know, you’re not going to be perfect and healing everything for yourself or expect getting every client well, every time you’re not going to be perfect and everything, you’ve got to forgive yourself from that and move on anyway and do the best that you can. You’ve got one life that’s gone by, but it’s a life in motion. So tap on things as they come up and keep that personal peace procedure and keep yourself the best version of you that you can.

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