Picture Tapping With Taz Vazquez

Course Overview

Picture Tapping

Join EFT Master Practitioner, and a Center for EFT Studies Alumni, Jennifer “Taz” Vazquez, for a 90-minute workshop introducing you to what Picture Tapping is and to have an experience of it.

What’s the #1 Challenge or Issue Keeping You Stuck, Feeling Anxious, or Overwhelmed?

What if you could resolve it and/or find a forward…would you? Try Picture Tapping!

EFT Practitioners, would you like to learn an integrative way to help clients address/release issues that is powerful and non-retraumatizing? Try Picture Tapping!

What is Picture Tapping?

Picture Tapping integrates Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT – A.K.A. Tapping) with Art. Through the use of drawing, metaphors, and symbols, it often allows us to access subconscious emotions, thoughts, memories and negative core beliefs that may be difficult to express either verbally, or by using other modalities.

It is extremely efficient because it brings resolutions quickly and without even having to talk about the issue being worked on. The participant is always in control and issues are never forced.

For example, a client 77 year old client was dealing with PTSD from a sexual trauma that happened in her teens. In one Picture Tapping session, she was able to process the trauma and resolve it. The pictures show the initial intensity level, the middle, and the end. For several weeks after, we tested for aspects, and nothing came up!

Who Can do Picture Tapping?

Anyone can do Picture Tapping and no artistic ability is required!  Anyone that can hold a pen, pencil, or crayon…and can draw a squiggle or scribble can do it. Picture Tapping is easy to learn and use as an effective self-help tool; as well as, more detailed work within one-to-one sessions.

It is useful for children, teens, and adults. It can help clients so they don’t have to verbalize their problems. 

PTT is safe and non-retraumatizing.

What can Picture Tapping be used for?

It is particularly effective when an issue seems global (general) in nature and even when it seems very complex.

Specific problems where a cause is known but the event is too overwhelming to be addressed directly.

It can be used for single or complex issues: pain, emotions phobias, blocks, self-acceptance issues, depression, anxiety, fear (bullying), resistance, limiting beliefs such as “I`m not good enough” or “I am not safe” and more.

Picture Tapping is another resource to use when helping clients address their issues/challenges.

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