Is EFT Hypnosis?

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People often ask, “Is EFT Hypnosis?” No, it’s not! But here Deborah explains how The Emotional Freedom Techniques and hypnosis can work in conjunction with each other so that if you are a hypnotherapist, adding EFT to your hypnosis practice can create a very powerful healing combination. In this short video, EFT master practitioner and certifying instructor Deborah Lindsey answers the question, “Is EFT hypnosis?” In addition, she offers some insights on how EFT can be used in conjunction with hypnosis to create a very powerful healing combination.

Hey, guys, this is Deborah Lindsey from online, and I want to talk to you today for our tapping tip about EFT and hypnosis. So I had a person call me yesterday who’s considering taking the course and she asked the question straight up, is EFT hypnosis in her case, that would have been a very bad thing. So the easy answer, of course, is no, EFT is not hypnosis and we don’t do anything to put anybody into a trance or hypnotize anybody.

It’s a completely different process. However, for those of you who are hypnotists, it can work in perfect conjunction with hypnosis. And let me tell you why. The work of the practitioner in much of the much of the time is going in there and digging out core issues. But hypnosis speeds that up. So if you can take somebody in, do an induction and have them in a very relaxed trance state where they trust you, you’ve done your work and they trust you, you can ask them the core issues and they will tell you on the spot.

So you don’t have to dig around, you don’t have to wonder and then you can actually tap on them while they are under in the trance state. So if you have somebody that’s in there and they say, OK, I was the time I fell off my bike when I was six, OK? So the trauma from falling off the bike, you can tap on it and you can go back in and ask them again, you know, has it cleared.

So now in a situation like that, of course, you have to have all of your ducks in a row. They have to have you permission to actually tap on them. Of course, they have to have given you permission do the hypnosis and they have to be able to trust you completely. But if you have that combination and it certainly if you have NLP skills at the same time to go in there and move things around.

Wow. I mean, it’s a very powerful way to get at core issues and to help people to heal quite rapidly. OK, so is EFT hypnosis? No, not at all. But it works great with hypnosis. If you happen to have that skill set up that helped.

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