Introduction to EFT

Instructor: Deborah Lindsey



Welcome to the Introduction to EFT course! I’m really excited to be on this journey of transformation with you. 

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In this short course will you learn:

  • What is tapping?
  • The creator of EFT tapping
  • What EFT Tapping can be used for
  • What is SUDS and how to measure SUDS
  • How to create set-up statements
  • What to do if you feel uncomfortable creating a setup statement
  • How to know if you are getting results
  • What does it mean if your SUDS go up?
  • Adding forgiveness to the set-up statement
  • The long form of the original recipe, including the hand points
  • Tap along demonstration
  • In-depth info about the Premier Online EFT Certification Training