Instructional EFT Online Certification Course

Taught Live Via Zoom

What Is Instructional EFT? 

Instructional EFT is an entirely new form of EFT that is used primarily for addressing physical issues. It is my own creation, born of my more than 20 years of experience in the field of tapping. It is born of my own training in other protocols, specifically the Jaffe-Mellor Technique. In Instructional EFT, we combine muscle testing with direct instructions to the body to make specific changes while percussing on classic and new tapping points and sequences on the body. We do this by using alternate reminder phrases and clear intention, drawing on the body’s innate knowledge of how to heal itself, even when it appears to have forgotten how. 

What Can Instructional EFT Be Used For? 

IEFT can be used for any physical ailment. In the course, we will specifically discuss how to use it for Autoimmune diseases, which is probably its most powerful use case. Addressing autoimmune disorders with classic EFT is complicated and has mixed results. With IEFT, our intention is to substantially increase those results. 

IEFT can also be used to help people with allergies, which are also a function of the immune system. The same strategies that we use in allergies can also be applied to Alcoholism and Autism, both of which will also be directly addressed in the course. You will see that many of the same issues that address allergies underly these other issues as well. 

What Proof Do I Have That It Works? 

Herein lies the rub. My only proof lies in my own work with it. 

For example, I remember working with a client who presented with chronic asthma and allergies. She used an inhaler multiple times a day and had for many years. She had had allergy shots and tried everything she could to eliminate the symptoms. She had allergies to animals and refused to give up her beloved pets. 

I used IEFT to test her immune system and found that it was out of balance. We proceeded to do the percussing of points, completing a full 33 rounds of percussion as instructed by the muscle testing.  When we finished, she collapsed on the couch in my office and fell into a deep sleep. I was worried because I couldn’t wake her up! After about 30 minutes, she woke up and went home. 

I followed up with her about a week later to see if she had had any results. Incredibly, she reported that all allergies were gone and she hadn’t used her inhaler since!  Even I was blown away by the power of the process. She then went on to refer many people my way. 

Since that time, I have continued to experiment with it in my own work but I have not yet taught it in full to anyone else. This is the first time that I am doing so. In that regard, you guys are helping me to prove what I already know — that Instructional EFT is going to take classic EFT tapping to another level when it comes to working with physical ailments. 

How Long Will The Class Last?

I’m not completely sure. I know that we will need at least 4 weeks to cover the material. It may, however, extend into 5 weeks or even 6, depending on many factors. So I would suggest that you mark your calendar for 6 weeks just in case. Each class will likely go 75 minutes, but again, it may go over so mark your calendar for a full 90 minutes. The class will be interactive with time for questions and hands-on work. 

Can You Watch Replays? 

Yes. We have created a course inside of the classroom portal where the recorded sessions will be available to view afterward. So if you miss a class, you can catch up. Assuming we can prove efficacy, the course will then be made available for purchase to members of the general populace of practitioners. It is important to be aware that your presence in the course may be viewed by other people going forward who are watching the training online. 

Does the Course Offer Certification? 

Yes. To receive certification, you must complete 10 sessions with one client and record those sessions, placing a link in the portal for review. You will then give feedback on what happened in the session in regard to the results of the session. Upon completion of the 10 sessions, a certificate will be generated. 

For full disclosure, we must remain open to the possibility that in the end, my own results will not bear out with other practitioners and the protocol may prove to be ineffective. That is the reason for the very low initial price. 

Who Can Join the Course? 

At present, to qualify for the course you must have completed the Levels 1 and 2 Certification training through me at the Center for EFT Studies. Level 3 students and graduates are encouraged to attend. I will be accepting a maximum of 15 people in the class. Nine of those seats have been filled, giving me room for 6 more people. For now, only members of the EFT Tapping Mentorship Community are being accepted. If the remaining 6 seats are not filled by Friday of this week, I will open it to graduates of the Level 3 training. 

What is the Cost? 

Cost is just $99. I know it’s an insanely low price. But pricing is reflective of the fact that it is in essence a “clinical trial” of the protocol and each of you is helping me to prove its efficacy. It is also priced very low as a benefit of being a member of the EFT Tapping Mentorship Program.

Disclaimer: I must clearly state that this is an experimental protocol. I don’t have enough research yet to prove its efficacy. Part of the reason for offering the course to this specific group is to get more data to determine whether or not my own observations are correct. That is part of the reason for the exceptionally low cost.  That being said, be aware that in the end, it may all end up being a waste of your time as results may not bear out. 

On the other hand, if I am correct, you will be part of something that could be quite special. 

Instructional Eft