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EFT Master Instructor
Deborah Lindsey Reveals

The Instructional EFT Certification Course

Elevate your professional EFT skillset to heal even the most dastardly diseases with this new cutting-edge protocol

Is IEFT Certification for Me?

And In Line with my Life's Purpose?

Yes! This IEFT Certification Training is especially for you if:

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If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then YES, the Instructional  EFT Certification Training is for you. 

What Is Instructional EFT?

IEFT is an advanced form of EFT that uses an alternate tapping algorithm in connection with muscle testing to extract knowledge from the body and use that information to instruct the body to make specific changes to restore health. 

Current Protocols

Learn how to create your own protocols!

It is finally possible to get results you want with even the most challenging cases

Life-Changing IEFT Training

From: EFT Master Practitioner and IEFT Founder Deborah Lindsey

Dear Friend,

If you are someone who has fallen in LOVE with EFT Tapping and wants to push the boundaries to get the most incredible results out there, then I would love to have you in this training.

This training is not an ordinary training. You aren’t going to have the traditional course where you learn a lesson and then do an assignment. 

This is an ADVANCED training that requires you to actually think for yourself

It is not a “follow-this-then-do-that” training. If you need that kind of training, please don’t sign up. It will frustrate both of us and no one wants that. 

This training is the recording of the original beta program that was created to test the protocol and advance it. Each of the students in the beta course plays a crucial role in developing and advancing the technique. And now you can be a part of that too

You will see that we started out not knowing if the technique would even work. And along the way, we learned that it was FAR greater than anything we could have hoped for.

The good news and the bad news is that the technique is in its infancy. This means there is great latitude for advancing and improving the technique and I invite you to be a part of that movement. 

In fact, I WANT you to play with it, to change it, to adapt it, and to discover new ways to improve it. As a student in the course, you become a part of IEFT history and can be the person who cracks the code to take it to the next level. 

If that is YOU, then welcome to the revolution. I look forward to having you as part of the team. 

About Your Instructor For The

Instructional EFT Certification Training

EFT Master Instructor Deborah Lindsey is the Founder of the Instructional EFT Technique and is an internationally recognized expert in the world of EFT Tapping.

She brings more than 23 years of experience as both a practitioner and instructor and has trained more than 5,000 practitioners around the world.

As the former President of the International Metaphysical University, Deborah offers a unique blend of practical teachings integrated with metaphysical concepts. In this IEFT training, she dives deep into metaphysical concepts to explore healing on a soul level.

Be prepared to explore advanced metaphysical teachings in this training as they may stretch your current beliefs. If you bring deeply held traditional religious beliefs into this course, it may not be for you.

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