How Do You Heal Fibromyalgia With EFT Tapping?

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So let’s talk about how you can heal fibromyalgia with EFT Tapping, aka the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

So yeah, of course, you’ve got to look at the physical issues like is your body really acidic, which can easily be resolved by just taking a glass of water with baking soda, you know, in the morning or a few times a day. And that will help with the acidity issue.

But you’ve got to start looking at the underlying emotional issues because in the case of fibromyalgia, what I have found is that the immune system is in auto-drive. Like it is attacking your muscles, it is attacking your nerves.

And the question is, why is it doing that? Well it is doing that to protect you. And that is because somewhere in your history there is a story that you have been replaying over and over and over again that you don’t live in a safe world. So you need to start looking at the traumas that are defining your life. What are the traumas that have happened to you?

Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are big. that are keeping you believing that you live in an unsafe world.

And another thing you have to look at with fibromyalgia is passive-aggressive anger. I see it over and over and over again. People that are angry at the world, angry at life, and often feel like life is unfair and so they want to lash out, they want to lash out at the world.

But what they really do, instead, is they end up lashing out at themselves and that creates immune system attacks on your body.

By using EFT tapping and the Emotional Freedom Techniques, you can start identifying what those traumas are and those underlying limiting beliefs, and the anger that you have underneath the surface and start tapping that stuff out. And as you begin to tap that out, you begin to relax in the world, you relax in your life.

Now, another thing to consider is that these traumas can be real or they can be something that you have perceived.

So for example, I think about one client I had who had terrible fibromyalgia and we worked on it forever until I finally realized that what happened was her whole life was defined by the fact that she had watched The Exorcist as a child. And when she saw Reagan, the main character’s, head turned around and the devil come in, she became afraid of the devil and her life had become defined by it.

She went on to become a preacher’s wife. Her whole life was about protecting herself and the world from the devil.

And so we had to tap through The Exorcist like it was a movie that terrified her even to that day. And so we sat there together and tapped to The Exorcist and all of the limiting beliefs and fears that came up around it. And eventually, as a result, her fibromyalgia symptoms went away.

So the question is what in your life causes you to live in fear of the external world? And if you know that and can identify it and can tap it out, your symptoms can go away, too.

And that is how you heal fibromyalgia with EFT Tapping.

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