Heal Yourself With EFT Tapping

Transform Your Whole Life in the Just 6 Weeks And Know How to Heal Yourself Going Forward

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Deborah Lindsey, Your Instructor

Ok, So You're Ready to Heal Yourself with EFT Tapping Therapy. Good Decision.

In this class, you will learn how to use EFT Tapping specifically for the purpose of healing yourself. 

You will have six 90-minute classes that were recorded in a live classroom environment.  Altogether, you have more than 17 hours of high-quality training.

During that training, we have multiple tap-along and demonstration videos to help you to learn and apply the techniques in your own life.

Besides the video training, you will also have the audio recordings and copies of the presentation slides to review. 

The course also comes with a downloadable manual that outlines many of the specific techniques. 

You also get lifetime access so you have as much time as you want to learn and apply the techniques, and can review it even years later. 

The training also comes with suggested assignments to help you apply the various techniques as you learn them. 

It should be noted that this training is not designed for private use and does not lead to practitioner certification.

What You Will Learn In The
"Healing Yourself With EFT Tapping" Course

Lesson 1

Download Your Manual

What is EFT Tapping?

What EFT Can Be Used For

History of EFT Tapping

Understanding SUDS

Creating Setup Statements

Creating Acceptance/ Reminder Phrases

Set-up Points

Alternate Acceptance Phrases

EFT Shortcut

The Personal Peace Procedure

Lesson 2

The Long Form of EFT

The Hand Points

The 9-Gamut Procedure

Choosing a Topic

Tabletop Analogy & the Generalization Effect

Aspects vs. Core Issues

Subsequent Round Adjustments

How to Apply EFT and Test Your Work

How to Know if Tapping Worked

Understanding Cognitive Shifts

Silent Tapping Technique

Imagine Tapping Technique

Touch and Breathe Technique

Why We Tap on the Negative

How and Why EFT Works

Lesson 3

Talk and Tap Technique

Tap and Rant Technique

Chasing the Emotions Technique

Tell the Story Technique

Understanding Retraumatization

Demonstration Video, Gary Craig at the VA

Audio Teaching, Death, Dying, and the Afterlife



Lesson 4

Understanding Trauma

Trauma from an EFT Perspective

Role of Forgiveness in Healing

Three Kinds of Trauma

More on Retraumatization

The Movie Technique

Tearless Trauma Technique

The Box Technique

Forgiveness, and the Forgiveness Formula

Becoming an Emotional Investigator

Lesson 5

Working with Physical Pain

Acute vs. Chronic Pain

Metaphors in Pain

Two Ways to Address Pain

Using Color in Healing Pain

The Chasing the Pain Technique

Chronic Retraumatization

Working with Cravings and Addictions

Tapping Demonstrations

Lesson 6

Working with Limiting Beliefs

The Writing on Our Walls

The Choices Technique

What are Tail-Enders?

The difference between fears and phobias

Understanding Improper References

The 3 (or 4) Main Fears

Tapping Demonstrations

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