Energy Anatomy Special

The journey of becoming a healer is a journey of self-discovery. It is a journey that will tear you in half in order to turn you inside out. Rarely is it an easy journey.

In this course, students will begin this journey through an understanding of the energetic system of the body and how it relates to illness. Students will learn and explore the chakras and their symbolic meaning regarding conscious creation and health as well as how these chakras interact with the 7 sacraments and the Jewish Tree of Life. Moreover, students will challenge their own perceptions about the causes of illness and what it takes to heal.

Armed with this understanding, students will begin to interact with the energetic system of the body to understand how to read and interpret illness to develop the skillset of being a medical intuitive enabling them to pinpoint core issue rapidly.

Students in this course will do the hard work of identifying their own unhealed parts with the goal of resolving them. Through the process of healing themselves, they will learn how to heal others.

Students will learn from Dr. Caroline Myss, one of the great medical intuitives of our time. The instructor Deborah Lindsey will guide students along this journey adding her experience as a professional healer for close to two decades. She is trained in more than a dozen protocols and has worked with thousands of clients and students.

Course Materials

Course Requirements

This class is a requirement for EFT Level 3 Master’s training.


  • Students will take a 10-question objective quiz for each audio lecture and reading assignment.