Using EFT Workshops to Grow Your Practice

EFT workshops are a great way to inform an audience who is not yet familiar with you or with your EFT practice. But giving EFT workshops may not be as easy as we think!

In this short video EFT master practitioner and instructor, Deborah Lindsey offers tips on how to gain more clients by doing introductory workshops and demonstrations.



Transcript: Using EFT Workshops to Grow Your Practice

Hey, guys, it’s Deborah Lindsey, and I want to give you some more practitioner’s tips on how to make your F.T. tapping practice the best that you possibly can. So today, I want to talk a little bit about giving a little introduction EFT workshops to help introduce people to EFT  into tapping into to introduce them to you, too, because even if they know about tapping, they’re really coming to learn about whether they want to do tapping with you. So a great way to do this is to do a little demonstration teaching at your local health food store, local alternative health care center, a local chamber of commerce, wherever you can get out there and talk to people.

It’s a great way to introduce some EFT Tapping. So people ask all the time, what do I do in my demonstrations that get real nervous about it? But it’s pretty straightforward. You know, just talk to the people, talk to them a little bit about you, talk to them about you have to talk to them about your training and talk to them about how you can help transform their lives because we know that it does. And then you want to give them some kind of an experience of VFT.

So there’s a couple of ways you can do a demonstration in front of the group. But the problem with that is sometimes you get people up there, you don’t really know what you’re going to get into. You find you’ve cut a really, you know, a client that really needs a lot of work that you can’t do in a 15 or 20-minute demonstration. And so that can be a little risky. It can also be really powerful if you get somebody up there and you have a great short session and everybody can see what just happened there, that can be really powerful, but probably a safer way to do it.

And also a really fun way to do it is to involve everybody in your audience so you can do something basic like constricted breathing technique, because everybody’s going to feel a change on that. And it’s fun and easy and there’s very little risk for something like that. But then you might also want to do something really fun, like cravings. So bring in some little Hershey’s Kisses, bring in some wine, bring in some potato chips or whatever people might be having cravings too, and then let everybody choose their interest and then help tap them down.

And then at the end, you’re going to have a couple of sticky people, you know, bring those people upfront and help to tamp them down on, you know, on a more deep level, whatever is going on with them. And then once people have seen you at work and they’ve felt left in their own lives, they’re going to come to see you as a client. So at that point, offer them some kind of incentive or bonus or benefit to come to see you.

So maybe you give a discount on a session, maybe you give a package deal, maybe you do group sessions and you invite them to something like that. But make sure they have a way forward so that they have a reason to come see you because you know what is going to transform their lives and you do deserve to have them as a client. So this is just a little bit of a tip on how you can start introducing people to you and to you after practice.

best of two practitioners that we can get some people to heal. All right, guys, Bye.

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  1. Thank you Deborah!for your Tips no how to giain more clients by doing introductory workshop and Demonstrations it’s a great idea! I love that idea I am going to pepper myself for workshop!

  2. Thank you Deborah, do you call health food shops etc to ask if you can do a mini workshop? Also how do you advertise the workshop?

    1. Deborah Lindsey says:

      Lisa there are a number of ways you can do a workshop. First find a location. If you can find one, like a healthfood store or a chiropractors office or a alternative healthcare center or a hospital, with a built in audience, that is really a great way to do it. in a case like that, ask them if there is a way to reach their audience. Maybe they have their own email lists or newsletter, etc. Or you can find a location of your own and promote it yourself. As for finding the people to come, you have to find a way to get the word out. The old fashion ways of putting a press releases to the local papers, or running ads (usually not a great investment) or putting flyers around town. But social media is usually the easiest option. Or run some google adwords or facebook ads to drive trafic. Does that help?

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