Your Most Pressing Questions about EFT Tapping for Kids

Eft Tapping Kids

Can you use EFT Tapping on kids?

The first question most people want to know about EFT Tapping kids is whether or not you even use EFT Tapping for kids. 

The short answer is YES! In fact, EFT Tapping for kids is one of its superpowers. kids are so receptive to tapping and they take to it so quickly. Moreover, kids heal really, really quickly! 

And the reality is that kids really need EFT tapping. Life for children can be challenging on so many levels. Dealing with cross or angry parents, learning to migrate their way through life, bullying, sibling rivalry, divorce, and so on. Its coming at kids from every direction and so often, it leaves emotional scars that can take decades (and years of therapy!) to resolve. 

With EFT Tapping on hand, you have a powerful tool to help you raise, happy, healthy, and emotionally healthy children. 

EFT founder Gary Craig speaks to the incredible power of tapping with kids daily to mitigate trauma and stress as it arises, thereby avoiding less savory consequences as the child ages. 

Is it safe to use EFT Tapping on kids?

Absolutely! One of the great things about EFT tapping is that it is not just effective but it is generally very safe! By tuning into their emotions, which are often running rampant, and just tapping on specific energetic points on the body it can be a great way to calm kids when they are in a heightened state and to do so in minutes. You can even use it with babies!

Can you use EFT Tapping for kids while in a heightened state?

One of the very special things about EFT Tapping for kids is that you can even do it without them by using surrogate tapping. In this situation, you, as the parent or responsible party, can tap into their emotions and tap on yourself to help calm the child. We teach how to do this in the EFT Tapping training here at the Center for EFT Studies.

Can you accidentally retraumatize kids?

The reality is that some kids go through some really horrific things in their lives, eve at very early ages. Some of these horrors go beyond what we could imagine possible. 

While it is fair to say that it is more difficult to retraumatize children in general than it is with adults, simply because adults can have so many blocks built up in their energy systems, there are times when children can be retraumatized. 

Do you need to be a trained professional EFT practitioner to used EFT Tapping for kids?

This is a bit of a tricky question because it depends greatly on the situation at hand. There are many, many instances where you as the parent or responsible party can tap in the moment and mitigate the problem on the spot with even minimal knowledge of tapping. 

You can learn this very basic information on YouTube or by watching the Tapping World Summit for example. Even Udemy has a “certification course” that will show you how to do very basic tapping. 

And that is sufficient in an unofficial, parental-type of capacity. 

The need for a professional, certified EFT Tapping professional comes in whenever you are working with children who have issues that go beyond your general, everyday issues. 

Certainly, any child that has been sexually traumatized will need the help of a professional EFT Tapping practitioner. Or any child who is expressing chronic issues like chronic anger or even rage, or kids who are experiencing the divorce of a parent, a big move, the death of a loved one, etc. would be best served by someone who has a professional skill set. 

Another consideration is the role of the adult in the situation and the environment. If you are in a school environment or a professional environment, for example, if you are working in a juvenile detention center or the like, professional training and professional credentialing are a must. 

How can you get professional credentials to work with children?

We offer some of the most comprehensive EFT Certification training in the world here at the Center for EFT Studies, if not the most comprehensive training. 

We teach specifically how to work with children, how to address severe trauma to avoid retraumatization, how to address prominent teen issues like addiction, sexual trauma, depression, suicidal ideations, and the like. 

To learn more about our EFT Certification training, click here

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