EFT Tapping Can’t Fix Everything!

EFT Tapping has been presented as a panacea, as a one-trick-pony, that has the solution for all of life’s woes. People have come to believe that EFT is a magic tool and that everyone is going to get better all of the time. But what about those clients that you just can’t help? In this short video EFT master practitioner and instructor Deborah Lindsey talks about this rarely discussed part of being a tapping practitioner, that EFT Tapping can’t fix everything and what to do when you just don’t have the ability to “fix” a client.

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  1. Barbara Stewart says:

    Deborah, thank you so much for the reality check! It is liberating to be reminded that I should not expect to achieve “perfect” healing with myself or others while practicing EFT. As a recovering perfectionist, I could see myself falling into that trap, and suffering exhaustion and disappointment over and over again as a result. This tip is truly a gift of peace, perspective and joy! Thank you!

    1. Deborah Lindsey says:

      🙂 Thanks, Barbara. I’m glad it helped

  2. Interesting indeed. Who will help the helper??? Your words reminded me of when I was listening to Cheryl Richardson and when she was new on her EFT learning journey she said to her mentor – I just want to help everyone; to which he mentor said – Everyone is ALOT of people. I have remembered that ever since. What I do know is when I am present with myself, when I am leading from the heart with compassion, the results with tapping are astonishing to myself and to my client. And I also know as a helping professional that there is always room for growth – self and that of my clients. My biggest challenge in private practice is just that private practice – so I have to connect with my colleagues to stay connected to myself and my work. BTW for those reading, I am also taking Deborah’s EFT CP course. Pretty amazing learning opportunity!!

    1. Deborah Lindsey says:

      Thank you, Diane. I still believe that we can change the world one client at a time and I know you are doing just that!

  3. Tara Chambers says:

    Hey! Great video!

    To support myself with this issue — I actually tap daily so that I AM attracted to my “ideal clients” so that I am working with those who I CAN help. I highly recommend it — I started getting GREAT quality clients after that.

    Another thing that I do if we are not successfully finding the root cause of the issue is to call upon that person’s body wisdom. While we are tapping I will say “Whole Body Wisdom — please identify and gather the root causes of X so that “Michelle” blah blah blahs……….We give these patterns a couple of choices. They can choose to release via the tapping, we can offer them to the Quantum Field to be neutralized OR if they choose to stay in our field — we ask that they transform to “love, or light, or hope (or whatever is appropriate).

    Or sometimes I will say “tapping on the “I don’t know window” — that’s another way of bringing in the body wisdom which knows “stuff.”

    Another trick is what Deborah taught in her course — go back to the starter statement and say “even though I am not willing ready, able or worthy of X etc………” and I also say “even though its not safe or beneficial or OK for me to X………….etc” and sometimes that does the trick!

    Another trick is to tap “What would it feel like if X” or “what would it look like if X?” OMG — that can shift pain in a nanosecond because those open ended questions that your left brain can’t answer — kick you into your right brain were MANY possibilities exist — miracles too! When we ask those open ended questions — we uncollapse the particle reality and that wave form of many possibilities is instantly there!

    OR about 2 weeks ago I got a sudden pain as I was walking downtown in my right hip flexor. I NEVER get pains. Clearly my body was talking to me. So as I was walking I was tapping on “this right hip flexor pain, then “generational patterns on my father’s side (since it was on the right side) and lots more stuff. I am normally very successful at getting to the root cause — but in this case — I got it down but not to a zero. So I kind of got frustrated and said “spirit — if you want me to clear this — you are going to have to show me what the root cause is — I have used ALL my tricks!” So I stopped tapping and I let it go until I received some info. Suddenly — (about a half a block later) I passed a beautiful small bush and it was TOTALLY being oppressed and burdened by this huge dead branch from a tree. It would have died if I didn’t remove that dead branch in time.. I GOT the message!!! Patterns of oppression — being put down in my place — and I intuitively got that it has LOTS to do with lots of past lives where women were oppressed and etc…..As I removed the oppression and heavy burden from the bush — I said “and I am also releasing my own patterns of oppression and burdens from all dimensions of time and space” and INSTANTLY the pain was gone and its been gone ever since. THEN what showed up was strangers finding my website — signing up and paying with ease on my website (3 of them in 2 weeks) and they were AWESOME AWESOME clients! So I got great clients with ease and grace! Woo hoo! Tapping rocks!

    1. Deborah Lindsey says:

      This is great info for everyone. Thaks Tara 🙂

  4. Annette Sykes says:

    Very interesting! A whole new ‘perspective’ for me. I have a client with a newborn baby boy, whose partner has literally just legged it, she cannot understand why, is devastated, but determined to go it alone. She is dealing with it by immersing herself in the new babe, but this technique may open up the situation from her partners point of view. Good one!

    1. Deborah Lindsey says:

      Wow – its a shame he “legged it” and didn’t stick around to heal himself from whatever made him want to run. Thanks for sharing Annette

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