Two Reasons to Choose an EFT Specialization

Two Reasons
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In this short video, EFT Master Practitioner and certifying instructor Deborah Lindsey offers insights on the value of choosing an EFT specialization and how it can help you grow your practice. It starts with the question, “Why choose an EFT Specialization? What is the value of finding or choosing an EFT Specialization over being a generalist?  Deborah discusses 2 main reasons for choosing an EFT Specialization. 

Hi. This is Deborah Lindsey with Online EFT certification. I’m here today with some tips for professional practitioners doing my best to help you become great, great tapping practitioners. So today, I want to talk a little bit about becoming a specialist. So there’s a lot of people out there who work as generalists in EFT tapping, and that’s great. Everybody wants to your door and once you have a professional skill set is a matter you can work with everything. It doesn’t matter if you get somebody with sexual abuse or grief for dyslexia or autoimmune disorders or pain, it doesn’t matter. If you’re a pro and you really know what you’re doing, you can work with everything.

But why if that’s the case, would you even choose to select a specialization? Because it really can narrow down your practice. Let me tell you, there are two main reasons. The first one is from a marketing perspective, you know, you really have to get people to come to you. So when you market, you want to market a result, not your tool. So if you’re saying I am an EFT practitioner, you OK, there are some people out there looking for an EFT practitioner. But there are a lot more people out there looking for relief from depression or a lot more people out there looking to overcome bullying or overcome phobias or whatever. So they’re looking for a result. They don’t care about the tool. If you walk into a doctor’s office, they don’t announce that they have a stethoscope. You just want to know that they can help you to overcome your problem. So it’s the same thing with your own marketing.

So the specialization makes it very possible for you to be found. So if you are, for instance, using Google AdWords and you’re trying to compete for Google AdWords when the term EFT practitioner, good luck. I mean, the only way you’re going to be able to do that really is to narrow it down to your local neighborhood. So that’s great. So if you are the EFT practitioner in Joe Blow Town USA, then great, you can use Google adwords.

But if you’re looking for a global audience or a broader audience, then to be the person competing for that term, you’re going to spend a lot of money. And but if you narrow down and your specialization is very clear, I am the person specializing in grief. I am the person specializing in something much more specific than that. Even then, your costs of marketing are going to go very low. The second reason is you get an opportunity to become a world expert at something you’re the world expert in using EFT for overcoming hoarding or you’re the world expert for helping people overcoming childhood sexual abuse.

And as the expert, you really get to hone a skill set. And because you’re honing their skill set, you become you legitimately become somebody who knows that topic better than anybody in the world that allows you to go on and write books about it, to do research about it, to even do online programs specifically geared to that one thing and to really specialize in one product can be a pathway to being a highly successful and very important EFT practitioner.

So that’s why when I recommend cutting edge specialists, you know, I recommend that in my courses. And I know Gary Craig, founder of EFT, he recommends it as well. And I think it’s just good advice. Now, one last thing. Don’t just pick something because you think people want it. You’ve got to find something that you’re legitimately passionate about, you know? So if you have an experience of something and you have personally overcome that something, your story is so powerful, as is your experience.

So look in that direction before you just pick something out of the wild blue sky. So hope that helps. All right, guys, let’s go Change the World. 

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