What Are the Three EFT Levels?

Eft Levels

Which of the EFT Levels is Right For You?

When choosing to get certified in EFT Tapping, one of the most common questions is, “what are the different EFT levels, and which one is right for me?” 

We start with a basic understanding that there are three levels of EFT certification. They are generally referred to as Levels 1, 2, and 3, which is also known as EFT Master Certification. 

So let’s take a few minutes and talk about the difference between the three EFT levels of certification.

EFT Level 1 — Self-Healing

I think it is pretty obvious that the three levels go in sequential order with each one getting substantially more advanced.

The EFT Level 1 certification training is where you will learn the EFT basics. You will learn how to tap, including both the long-form EFT tapping sequence known as the Basic Recipe, and the shortcuts.

You will learn how to take your SUDS (Subjective Unit of Distress Scale), how to create a setup statement, how to create a reminder phrase and various techniques for how to apply EFT Tapping on yourself.

The Level 1 training provides an important basis for the other training. However, it is not a practitioner certification. Rather it is a training that focuses on self-tapping. In other words, it is a training designed for self-healing.

Self-healing is an important part of becoming an EFT practitioner so the Level 1 training focuses on that.

To do this, you will be utilizing what is called the Personal Peace Procedure. And applying the various things that you are learning on yourself and reporting back your results.

This is not to say that you won’t begin tapping with others in the Level 1 training as you will begin meeting up with other practitioners from the course to begin tapping on each other.

This training is perfect for those people who are interested only in self-healing, or perhaps in working with friends and people in your family. 

At the Center for EFT Studies, we have opted not to offer this training independently. 

However, if you are seeking EFT Training only for self-healing, we recommend that you register for the Healing Yourself With EFT Tapping training, which contains very similar content but does not lead to certification.

EFT Level 2 — EFT Practitioner's Training

the EFT Level 2 training is where you move into professional practitioner training. By the end of this training, you will be certified to hang up your shingle and begin working with clients as a professional EFT practitioner. 

This comprehensive training is the most advanced Level 2 EFT certification training on the market today. 

Here you will learn a wide variety of EFT techniques, including advanced techniques not taught anywhere else.  

You will learn how to find core issues, explore aspects, secondary gains, retraumatization, cognitive shifts, how to know if EFT is working, how to adapt to get better results, and the like. 

You will be learning how to work with clients who have limiting beliefs, cravings, addictions, traumas, fears and phobias, and physical pain, among others. 

You will learn how to conduct a session, how to market yourself, how to listen with the ears of a practitioner, and how to work with people who have even severe issues like sexual trauma and suicidal ideations. 

Once you know how to properly apply EFT Tapping as a professional pretty much nothing is off-limits! 

In this training, you will be working with other students in the course to hone your skills and then eventually with actual clients in the field. 

You will also have four one-on-one one-hour skills coaching sessions with my hand-picked coaches. We are the only EFT Certification program out there that offers this as part of your training without an extra cost. 

Upon graduation, you are now certified to begin working with others and earning a living as a certified EFT Level 2 practitioner! 

This training, which is combined with the EFT Level 1 training, is recommended for anyone who feels the call to learn EFT and wants to see clients professionally. 

EFT Level 3 —EFT Master Practitioner

The EFT Level 3 training is where things really start to get interesting! This training produces some of the best professional EFT practitioners in the world!

In this training, you will learn how to work with clients who have chronic and or complex issues. We often refer to these clients as “Life Clients.” We do so because we are no longer working on individual issues, as we do in EFT Level 2, now we are helping the client to heal their whole life.

These clients have many integrated and intermingled issues. Learning to work with these clients requires an advanced skillset that teaches you how to manage a series of issues at the same time including creating and maintaining a client map. 

In this training, you will learn how to work with the inner child with Matrix Reimprinting. And you will learn the most advanced techniques available including Imagine Violence and Perspective Switching, teachings not available in any other training. 

You will learn how to trace a client’s power and how to move them up the scale of consciousness to take them on a journey of transformation. 

These clients are often the bread and butter of a successful EFT practice as they clients will be with you for many sessions. 

In the Level 3 Master Practitioner training, you will be tapping with other students in the course and also working with real-life clients as you hone your skill. 

In this training, you get two one-on-one calls with me where we discuss your clients and work together to hone your skills. 

And when you are done with this training, your skill will be unsurpassed in the EFT industry. You will be able to help people that no one else can help. And when word gets out, you will have a line out the door wanting to work with you. 

This training is recommended for those people who want to be truly great practitioners and who want to master their craft. 

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