EFT and Empathy: Taking On Your Clients Issues

Let’s talk about EFT and empathy.

As an EFT practitioner, we all want to help our clients get well. But what happens if you are very empathic and you find yourself taking on other people’s pain?  In this short video, EFT master practitioner and instructor Deborah Lindsey offers some tips and insights on what to do if you find yourself absorbing other people’s conditions as a tapping professional.



Transcript: EFT and Empathy

Hey, guys, Deborah Lindsey here giving some tips and tricks for EFT practitioners on how to make your take your practice to the next level. So today, I want to talk a little bit about absorbing other people’s energy. See, the reality is that as practitioners, we’re empathic, and that’s pretty much the case across the board. You know, I rarely find somebody who’s devoted their life to working as a tapping practitioner and yet practitioner who is and who isn’t empathetic.

So you’re feeling everybody’s stuff. I know for me, this has been a battle all along. Somebody comes in and they have a headache, and by the end of the session, I have a headache. They come in with arthritis pain. By the end, I have arthritis pain. And for a while there it was really, really tripping me up because it was making me out, out sick. So I had to actually cut down the number of hours I could take clients every day because every day I was walking out with more issues.

So eventually I had to really sit down and look at what it meant about myself. So what is it about this need to help other people that’s so profound that I’m willing to take on their own? They’re their issues at the same time and then start tapping on that. The other thing is, you know, when you get home and you have that headache, pain, tough it out of yourself, you know, be the surrogate not just for them, but also for yourself.

Another really, really crazy trick that works is take a shower with sea salt, take sea salt and just wash yourself all over with it. Or after a session, I would always go in and wash my hands with sea salt at the end of the session. It just really helps to clear some of that energy off of you, especially if you were tapping on the person directly. I hope this helps. Just a little tip and trick tips and tricks for practitioners.

everything we can to help make you into a really great practitioner. OK, guys. Hi.

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  1. Deborah,
    These are wonderful suggestions! Thank you!

    As a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, I have often walked away from a session with a headache or other malady that I picked up from the client. I was even picking up on things before the client arrived.

    So I now bathe myself in white light, ask all negative energy to leave, and recite a very short but powerful statement calling that I will only be affected by positive thoughts, feelings, and actions. I have found it extremely useful.

    If by chance I still feel affected after a session by a client’s energy or just energy I inadvertently picked up during the day, I use a technique to “call back my energy, cleanse it, and take it back in”. This technique allows me to feel invigorated in my own energy and not be carrying around everyone else’s problems, fears, phobias, and pain.

  2. Deborah,
    I am loving the tips and tricks………………every week I learn something new and insightful to take away and utilize in my EFT work.
    Looking forward to the next Level 3.

  3. Sarah St Amour says:

    Really helpful Deborah!! Thank you! I love the sea salt idea for hand washing and maybe even a foot bath.

  4. Such a great reminder – luv the idea of washing your hands with sea salt after doing a EFT session !!!
    Thanks again…

  5. Sandra Griff says:

    Great tips. It is always a good reminder to look after ourselves while looking after other people.

  6. thank you Deborah for your tips, I would like to acknowledge and thank Christy Murphy for her tips also it is definitely helpful. Deborah can you plz go little bit more in dept. on how exactly would you tap for this issue and what would you say because this is a serious and on going problem for me.

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