CATEGORY: Supplemental Courses

Access Your Inner Wisdom with Muscle Testing and Dowsing

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Join us for this fun, informative, and interactive workshop to learn how to use muscle testing and dowsing with a pendulum to enhance your life and supercharge your results with EFT Tapping.

This class will be taught by EFT Master Practitioner I-Ping Wong. Ping has been using these techniques in her own life and practice for more than 16 years and has been a member of the Toronto Dowsers for more than a decade! She is also a licensed holistic practitioner with certifications in energy medicine and Thai yoga bodywork.

The training will focus on how these amazing tools can be used to access our body’s innate wisdom to improve overall health.

You will learn:

  • What is dowsing?
  • How and why does dowsing work?
  • How to correctly use a pendulum
  • Various forms of muscle testing
  • Common obstacles to successful muscle testing
  • How to correct neurological disorganization to improve your results
  • How to test yourself for emotional imbalances in yourself and others
  • How to test for allergens
  • How to test and correct the 7 chakras
  • How to use dowsing in  our daily life
  • How to use dowsing to quickly get to core issues with EFT tapping
  • Common applications in energy work
  • And so much more!

This class will benefit both beginner and intermediate dowsers and will include lots of hands-on practice.

Ping’s desire is that everyone will leave the workshop knowing how to test effectively and feel confident in the use of these techniques. The ultimate goal is to help you elevate your EFT practice to another level!