Cautions About the Choices Technique

Cautions About Choices
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People love the Choices Technique in EFT. What’s not to like? It has a feel-good aspect and leaves clients feeling happy and motivated. But this technique also has a “dark side.” Choices Technique can be easily over-used, often by people who are afraid to really address core issues and who are afraid of tapping on the negative. Check out the video by EFT Master Instructor Deborah Lindsey to learn more. 

I want to talk about the Choices Technique. So everybody loves choices. It’s really fun and wonderful to have this thing that we can go back to that’s so positive and happy and that can really transform people’s lives in a good way. This technique is really best to use when it comes to limiting beliefs, when you can help sort of open up the idea of something different or new that they perhaps haven’t considered before.

But too often people confuse motivation with healing when it comes to the choices technique, and I see the technique overused a lot, I want to throw some caution at this. So just because people walk out feeling happy and excited and feeling like something really great happens, doesn’t mean that they were healed. And often people use the choices technique as a sort of band-aid on top of the problem because, oh, look, people walked out. They feel great. They’re really happy that they’re feeling good and motivated.

But motivation is not the same thing as actually healing your clients. So often people go to this as a kind of go-to when it’s really not designed as a go-to. Now, I do think that there’s something really valuable about having positive thoughts and positive ideas sort of tapped into someone before they walk out the door, especially if it’s been a particularly grueling session and they’re having trouble finding their footing. And it’s always good to feel good when you walk out the door, but don’t confuse feeling good with having eliminated the underlying issue or trauma that’s associated with the problem, okay? So I hope that I’m communicating that in a way that it’s enough for people to understand that you really have to go in and solve the problem.

Just saying, even though I have this problem now, I don’t have this problem, doesn’t do it. It feels good, but you’ve got to dig in and look at the issue itself and deal with it head-on with one of the techniques that’s really designed to go in there, pull something out, and clear it. So really, it can be valuable even if you’re doing something like Tearless trauma or movie technique or whatever to switch to the positive as you go through it. But you have to deal with the underlying problem too. But perhaps more importantly, rather than just use this as a bandaid on top of it, I just want to caution that with people, I hope that this helps, and I hope that it explains the problem with it.

I know it feels good. I know it’s easy and it’s fun and it kind of feels magic, right? Oh, yesterday I didn’t have a million dollars, and tomorrow I’m going to have a million dollars. Well, blah. It doesn’t work that way.

And too often, people want it to work that way. They want to use the choices technique as like a magic tool that all of a sudden everything they want to manifest into their lives, but it doesn’t work, not in that way. All we’re really trying to do is we’re trying to go in there, look at the issue itself and give them a prospective switch on to something that it feels realistic and that they can now set their energy on. So if you start making these choices something so spectacular that they can’t really wrap their mind around, there’s no real connection with a real belief or a real potentiality in their own life. It only ends up disappointing people anyway.

So keep your choices realistic and use them as tool to help them shift their perspective more so than like a magic bullet or a dream or some kind of waving your wand to get something that you want. OK? Hope this helps. Catch you soon. Bye.

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