What Makes a Great EFT Practitioner?

What is the difference between a good EFT practitioner and a great EFT practitioner? In this video, Deborah Lindsey explores the differences between a good practitioner and a great EFT practitioner. And in so doing you will learn how to become a great EFT practitioner yourself. 

Transcript: What Makes a Great EFT Practitioner?

So someone asked me today what I think it takes to be a great EFT practitioner. So there’s a lot of really good practitioners in the world to be a really good practitioner. It’s a matter of getting great training and doing the work. You can just go out there and practice and practice and practice until you learn your craft. And that’s how you become a really good Ifti practitioner. How do you become a great practitioner? I think the first thing is to be a great Ifti practitioner.

You really have to have the heart of the healer in someone who feels the need to serve, who feels the need to make people’s lives better, to make the world better. And I don’t know if that’s something you can teach. I think that’s something that you’re kind of born with is the heart of a healer. I also think you have to be someone who is willing and able to trust your intuition. So a lot of people kind of follow the rules that you learn the protocols, you learn the techniques, and you put them to work and you and you can learn the techniques.

But to really be able to listen to your intuition and hear between the lines and to be able to hear the sort of information that comes to you that might not be on the surface. And I think that’s a critical piece of being a great practitioner. I also think you have to be.

At a place in your life where you can become the objective, loving observer, what does that mean? So when people sit down in front of us and they trust us with their stuff. They often trust us with stuff that’s really. Personal and really sometimes not so pretty. People who have done things or people who have experienced things that in our own lives, hopefully, we never have to experience. But the people sitting down in front of us have if we approach that from a place of judgment if we approach that from a place of, oh, my mind, we can never really help them because our job is to pull them out of the muck.

And we have to be able to look at what they have been through as from an objective perspective, as someone who feels compassion but not overly empathetic, we can’t go down into the muck with it, nor can we judge it. And if we can accomplish that, or we can sit down in front of someone and we can be the objective observer, but do it from a place of love, we can then develop the skill set of a truly great practitioner.

So that’s what I think makes the difference between a good practitioner, someone who can really get great, great results, and a great practitioner, someone who can transform the lives of the people who sit down in front of them. So that would be my answer. So whether you’re a good practitioner or a great practitioner, either way, you’re out there helping, helping people and saving lives. And that’s admirable. It’s wonderful. But to be a great practitioner, try to develop those skills, develop the heart of the healer, develop your intuition, and become an objective, loving observer, hope it helps.

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