Long-Form vs. Short-Form EFT Tapping

Long Form
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So what’s the difference between long-form EFT and the short cut now? Most of the time when you look on YouTube or you see people doing demonstration videos, particularly like the Tapping World Summit, they’re going to be using the short cut of EFT, which is really just a few points at the head eyebrow side of the eye, the end of the nose, chin, collarbone, and maybe under the arm. And that’s all you’re going to see. But professional practitioners are going to use much of the time the long-form of EFT. So the long form of EFT includes finger points and it includes what’s called the nine GAMUT procedure. And then it’s the ham sandwich where you do the full round once, ,then you do the 9 GAMUT procedure, and then you do another round again. And that’s the long-form of EFT tapping. Why would you use that? You would use that because you need more specific results. Now, in the long-form. A professional practitioner might also use alternative tapping points, of which there are several. So that’s the difference between the long form and the short form of EFT tapping.

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