Instructional EFT (IEFT)

What Is Instructional EFT? 

Instructional EFT is an entirely new form of EFT that is used primarily for addressing physical issues. It is my own creation, born of my more than 20 years of experience in the field of tapping. It is born of my own training in other protocols, specifically the Jaffe-Mellor Technique. In Instructional EFT, we combine muscle testing with direct instructions to the body to make specific changes while percussing on classic and new tapping points and sequences on the body. We do this by using alternate reminder phrases and clear intention, drawing on the body’s innate knowledge of how to heal itself, even when it appears to have forgotten how. 

What Can Instructional EFT Be Used For? 

IEFT can be used for any physical ailment. In the course, we will specifically discuss how to use it for Autoimmune diseases, which is probably its most powerful use case. Addressing autoimmune disorders with classic EFT is complicated and has mixed results. With IEFT, our intention is to substantially increase those results. 

IEFT can also be used to help people with allergies, which are also a function of the immune system. The same strategies that we use in allergies can also be applied to Alcoholism and Autism, both of which will also be directly addressed in the course. You will see that many of the same issues that address allergies underly these other issues as well. 

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