What Is Tapping Good For

When asking the questions, what is EFT tapping good for, perhaps the best answer is to talk about the results that can be achieved with EFT Tapping.

When one understands how EFT Works, we can understand that EFT can be used to help with virtually any issue.

That is because EFT Tapping works on the premise that all ailments that manifest in the body are a result of a blockage or imbalance in the body’s energy system. When we clear the blockage, the body’s energy system can return to a normal, natural state and the symptom can disappear.

For this reason, it is possible to “Try it on Everything”, often with astounding results.

Here is a partial list of the things EFT Tapping is most famous for resolving.   

Eft For Stress

Anxiety and Stress

Tapping is a powerful tool for quickly and effectively eliminating or reducing stress and anxiety, allowing for a happier, healthier life.

Eft Addictions


EFT Tapping works on the premise that all addictions are, at their core, a form of anxiety management. By calming anxiety, addictions are more easily eliminated.

Eft For Ptsd


Tapping has proven highly effective at stopping an attack of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in its tracks.

What Is Eft?

Childhood Trauma

Unresolved childhood trauma is often the cause of many other ailments including anxiety, addictions, PTSD, physical pain, and more.

Eft For Sexual Trauma

Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma, sexual abuse, and negative sexual experiences including rape, incest, molestation, sexual experimentation, etc, too often define the quality of someone's life. EFT often brings profound relief.

Eft For Fear Or Phobia

Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias are caused by traumatic past experiences or improper references. By releasing these blockages, it is possible to live a fearless life.

Eft For Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs can be paralyzing and keep us from living our full potential. With EFT Tapping, we can clear the blocking beliefs to create a better, more fulfilling life.

Eft For Money Blocks

Money Blocks

Financial Blocks are often based in limiting beliefs. By identifying and mitigating these beliefs, it becomes easier to create abundance.

Eft For Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Sexual trauma, sexual abuse, and negative sexual experiences including rape, incest, molestation, sexual experimentation, etc, too often define the quality of someone's life. EFT often brings profound relief.

Dyslexia Icon


Dyslexia is caused by a miswiring in the body's energy system. Through tapping, we align things correctly, and reading is normalized.

Eft For Insomnia


Insomnia is often driven by unresolved fears or traumas. By eliminating them, sleep comes more easily.

What Is Eft?


Grief can be healthy in the short-run but incredibly damaging in the long-term. By examining beliefs about death and loss and tapping through them it becomes possible to honor the loved ones lost without holding on to the pain.

Eft For Body Issues

Body Issues

Hating oneself is often based in learned behaviors, social patterning, improper beliefs, and unresolved trauma. By addressing each of these areas, it is possible to love yourself as you are.

Eft For Self-Esteem


Like body issues, self-esteem is often crafted from false beliefs about oneself. Low self-esteem is a consequence of these false beliefs and the negative self-talk can become addictive in nature. By clearing these patterns, one can enjoy healthy self-esteem.

Eft For Pain

Physical Pain

Physical pain is a communication device by which the body talks to us. Often the pain we feel on the outside is a manifestation of unresolved emotional pain that we feel on the inside. By addressing both the external and internal issues, pain often goes away.

Eft For Procrastination


Headaches and Migraines are often resolved using EFT Tapping, sometimes in just minutes. It is based in the understanding that the body is caught in a cycle of worry or stress and is trying not to address them. When we tap on them, the issues are resolved and the pain goes away.

Eft For Stress


Procrastination is often based on fear. The fear can be a fear of repeating an unresolved past failure, a fear of shame or embarrassment. By tapping on the fears that hold us back, moving forward becomes a breeze.

Eft For Self-Sabotage


Self-sabotage is the psyche's way of protecting ourself but it can be highly disruptive in all areas of our lives. When we self-sabotage we KNOW the action we are taking is harmful but we do it anyway. With EFT Tapping we can eliminate the underlying issues to give you control again.

Eft For Weight Loss

Weight Loss

People hold on to weight for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps it is a way of protecting ourselves, for managing unresolved trauma, or bringing the appearance of happiness in an otherwise unfulfilled life. With EFT Tapping, we address each of these areas.

Eft For Sports Performance

Sports Performance

The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete goes beyond physical abilities. It is often a head game, where the battle is within ourselves. By tapping out the anxiety and the self-sabotage, our greatness can shine.

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