What if my Community is Rejecting me for Stepping Outside the ‘Norm’? Tap-Along Video

In this video, Deborah and Dawn discuss the fear of being rejected because your community doesn’t understand your new  EFT practice.  Perhaps it doesn’t align with the beliefs and behaviors of your family or community. In some religious communities, for example, it’s common to shun someone who is stepping outside of the norm. Tap along with us to release this fear and move forward with what YOU believe in your heart is the right path to take.

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2 thoughts on “What if my Community is Rejecting me for Stepping Outside the ‘Norm’? Tap-Along Video”

  1. thankyou so much for this, rejection is a huge thing that we all face every time we start anything, not only in this field. And it is so helpful to hear the stories and to not feel alone, at leas to me it gives me a sense of : “it’s ok, not everyone has to like this or do this, and it does not mean that I don’t have something very good to offer!”… because in my case sometimes the rejection (from family, comunity or people in general) takes me to that place of doubt, where I doubt my abilities and capabilities. So thank you!!

  2. Steve Daugherty

    Excellent video. Loved the stories. I experienced the same thing. I was a computer programmer before I got into this. Family and friends rejected EFT. But recently, my sister-in-law experienced a huge fear of driving and fear of crowds. It was so bad, that she couldn’t even go to her own son’s birthday party held at my brother’s house.
    I jumped in. Refused to take no for an answer almost. Did EFT with her. Got her to get in the car. Then slowly got her to the party. It was too important and I just couldn’t stand it that my family would never let me help.
    Afterward, she said that I would make a good therapist. I thought, this is better than therapy! She had been going to therapy and it wasn’t working… Lol…
    I’ve been letting fear stop me. I gave up on EFT but now, I’m back. Must be my authentic self!

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