What To Do If I’m Feeling Overwhelmed? Tap-Along Video

Starting your EFT business (or any business!) can feel overwhelming. It seems like there are SO many things to do and, even if you have tons of TIME to get things done…. maybe you feel like you don’t even know WHERE to start.  That’s okay – you’re not alone. In this video, we will discuss how you can push through this fear so that you can do the RIGHT things, put your energy in the right places, and see SUCCESS as an EFT Practitioner.

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4 thoughts on “What To Do If I’m Feeling Overwhelmed? Tap-Along Video”

  1. Thank you! Definitely hit home with the fear of getting clients and fear of them not getting results. Even though I don’t consciously believe that, I felt it speaking to my unconscious which does have that fear. Thanks.

    1. So glad this was helpful 🙂 Many times, even if we (and they) don’t see results right away, the magic is happening beneath the surface and will appear in a few days. One of my clients always had the biggest shifts 3 days later. It may be helpful to keep reminding yourself AND them that the process of healing is a journey… it can take time.

  2. Thank you Deborah and Dawn xx I enjoyed doing the tapping and will do it again several times because I would like to overcome the fears, overwhelm and diversions to starting my EFT practice that are holding me back. In fact I am up to lesson 8 in the course and I can feel myself creating distractions because I know I am coming closer to completing my certification and then having to perform to create my own practice. I do believe that the mentorship program has eliminated one underlying issue for me, and that is not wanting to finish the course because then I would no longer be connected to you guys xx just love your energyxx thank you

    1. We’re ALWAYS here and love having you in the community. Finishing the course means you can start making an even BIGGER impact and helping more and more people! We’re excited for you being sooo close to the ‘finish line’!

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