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Breaking The Cycle Of Financial Anxiety

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Congratulations on your decision to register for the course “Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Financial Anxiety to Find Peace” course.  You have made a great decision to finally dig in to discover and eliminate those subconscious barriers that keep you from being everything you want to be.

To access the course, go to www.onlineEFTcertification.com. In the upper-right hand corner, you will see where it says, “Classroom Login”.

Login in using your email and password. If you are not sure of your password, hit password reset and that will solve the issue for you.

Alternately, you can log in directly at classroom.onlineeftcertification.com.

I am pleased to have you and excited to hear about your results. If you have any questions as you go through the course, contact me at deborah@onlineeftcertification.com.

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