I feel so honored and grateful.

I work part-time at a halfway house for people in Recovery.  I noticed one of the new guys was super anxious. I pulled him aside and asked what was going on. He said, “I’m having major anxiety.”  He told me a little about his story and I knew he had some serious PTSD and TRAUMA stored inside his body and mind.  So I tapped with him about his anxiety. I showed him the recipe and I did a few rounds of tapping with him.  His anxiety went from a 10 right down to manageable.  Because I’m only there one day a week so I don’t get to see him regularly. But a week after I tapped with him he was smiling ear to ear 🙂  The following week after that the same!! And he uses tapping every day! I am just so honored and grateful.  Soon I will be running an EFT healing circle for the house and cannot wait!!

Thank you for this course! It has changed my life and now I get to help others change their lives too. It’s amazing!