Is Anxiety Taking Over Your Life?

Your headline should identify the pain point that you can solve. 

Let me help you to restore your peace of mind.

Your subhead should identify the solution and present you as the solution to this problem. 

My Gift To You

Your Guide  On How To How to Think Better, Feel Better, and Live Better

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Get Your Life Back

This headline presents the solution, the relief that they will feel. The benefit of working with you.

I’m here to tell you that there is hope. You CAN get your life back from the debilitating anxiety that has plagued you for too long and stolen too much of your life.

I know that it can seem hopeless. That nothing you have tried has worked. That you find yourself adapting your life to work around the anxiety and have all but given up hope that it could all go away. 

But it isn’t true. You simply hadn’t found the solution yet. I am here to help you. I am your solution. 

This content agitates the problem. And presents you as the solution. 

I'm John and I Specialize in Helping People Just Like You

Introduce yourself, tell them why you matter to them

My name is John Doe. I specialize in working with people who struggle with debilitating anxiety. As someone who used to struggle with anxiety myself, I had to find a solution. I was no longer willing to live a life that was controlled by my anxiety and so I went searching under every rock for solutions. 

Over time, I learned exactly what it takes to heal from debilitating anxiety and I am now using what I learned to help others to also be free. 

I would love the opportunity to help you too! And I know, that in the end, you will be amazed at the incredible power of the processes I will teach you. And you will LOVE feeling like yourself again, where all things are possible. 

How you became a specialist in this area. Remind them how they will feel as a result of working with you.) 

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My Unique Capacity to Help You

Demonstrate what is unique about you and begin to introduce the concepts behind EFT without specifically talking about EFT

You will quickly find that I am not like others that you have worked with. Rather, the tools I present are cutting-edge and highly effective in the elimination of anxiety. 

Why? Because it addresses anxiety at its root, in your energy system! That’s right, your problem is not in your head! Rather, your traumas, limiting beliefs, and fears have culminated in blockages in your energy system that have resulted in the feeling you get whenever you are presented with a stressful situation that we call anxiety. By addressing the problem at its roots, we can get incredible results fast! By the end of even our first session, you will begin to feel calmer and more confident. You will soon feel empowered once more and ready to take on the world! 

What My Clients Say About Working With Me

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My Credentials and Toolset

Tell your story and how it brought you to EFT.

When I struggled with anxiety, I looked under every rock to find a solution. After lots of trial and error, I learned about an incredible technique called The Emotional Freedom Techniques, often referred to as EFT or Tapping. 

At first it seemed strange! Almost alien! But I took the leap and I tried it. And I was amazed at the results. In the hands of a trained professional, EFT is perhaps the fastest, most powerful, and most elegant process available for overcoming anxiety and getting your life back. 

I went on to take one of the best, if not the best, professional training out here in the Emotional Freedom Techniques. I am proud to say that I am now a certified professional Master EFT practitioner.  

This has become my primary tool in helping people like you to recover from anxiety quickly, easily, and permanently. 

I integrate tapping in with my other skillsets as a blah, blah, blah.

My Training and Accreditation

My Professional Training
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My Professional Accreditation
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What You Can Expect In a Session With Me

This can be more or less the same for everyone.

Sessions with me could not be more convenient! Once you book your time with me, I will send you an email that includes a link where we will meet on Zoom. All sessions are one-hour in length. We can accomplish a lot in an hour! 

We will then begin exploring the underlying causes of your symptoms. I will then walk you through the process of “tapping out” your anxiety. The process is painless. In fact, we don’t even have to revisit any of your painful memories in order to help you heal.  At the end of the session, you may feel so relaxed that you want to take a nap, but that’s a good thing, right? 

Video Call

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Get Started Today

Getting started couldn’t be easier! Find an available slot on my calendar that works for you and begin. Our first conversation is free! It’s our chance to get to know each other and see if this is the right path forward for you. 

Or you can jump into the deep end and begin getting well right now. Sessions are $100 per hour with special discounts for packages. You will find that in even your first session, you will begin to feel tremendous relief and you will feel your life force coming back once more.