Reviewing Tearless Trauma Technique

The Tearless Trauma Technique is a work horse of any practice. 

For anyone who is seeing clients, it is critical to avoid retraumatization. This is where the Tearless Trauma Technique comes in. 

In this video, EFT Master Instructor Deborah Lindsey helps you to review the Tearless Trauma Technique so you can get the best results with your EFT Tapping clients. 

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5 thoughts on “Reviewing Tearless Trauma Technique”

  1. Arnsonlearning

    Deborah, This is very helpful. There was a time for me that I was so traumatized by telling my story, I would burst into tears and shake so I stopped telling it. It took me years before I could tell it without being emotional. I still have parts that I am working on as part of my personal peace project. I find that when I work on one trauma, it uncovers other blocks or fears. Thank you.

    1. Deborah Lindsey

      I’m glad you found it helpful. I think this is the story for many people. Trauma has a way of shutting us down. And if we can’t find a way to get over it (instead of through it), we can hurt a lot of people along the way. And we certainly don’t want to do that.

  2. Bonniepeterson33

    Thank you so much Deb I know I will be using this technique working with folks in Recovery! I’m so grateful for you and your program 🙏❤️

  3. s.cotterill621

    This is very helpful to be remind of the process of the techniques. Having them on here is a easy quick go to…to refresh. Looking forword to more. 😉
    Thanks Deborah.

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