Teaching Tip: Elementary School Presentation

Ever wonder about bringing the incredible tool, Tapping, into the classroom? How awesome would it be to provide students with a stress management tool at a young age –  before they fall into cycles of chronic stress or anxiety?  A few weeks ago, Dawn presented to a class of 4th graders who were getting ready to take the State Assessment. As you could imagine, stress was HIGH and many of the students were nervous and anxious about it.  

In this video, Dawn shares an outline of the presentation, what the students really resonated with, and what she thinks worked particularly well (and what didn’t!).  Grab your notebook and pencil and get ready to take some notes!

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1 thought on “Teaching Tip: Elementary School Presentation”

  1. Hey Dawn,
    Thank you fire this video. I have an elementary school presentation on Friday. (5th grade) I was wondering if you taught the set up statement and did it 3X’s or just went through the tapping points? Sometimes, it seems like the set up statement makes it more complicated.
    Thank you!

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