Tapping with Autistic Children

Tapping with autistic children can be challenging and oh-so-rewarding. Here are some valuable tips from EFT master practitioner and instructor Deborah Lindsey to help professional practitioners work with these very special kids.

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Transcript: Tapping with Autistic Children

Tapping with Autistic Children

The fact that autistic children are so easily over-stimulated makes tapping nearly impossible. When they won’t self-tap or won’t let anyone else tap them, what do you do? In sum, Deborah Lindsey suggests:

5 surrogate tapping options for autistic children

  1. Tap on yourself (the EFT technician) as if you were the child. “It’s surprisingly effective,” says Deborah.
  2. Have the parents tap on themselves.
  3. If you can have the child sitting on one of the parent’s lap as they are tapping, this is “really powerful.”
  4. Most times an autistic child will not permit a stranger to tap them, but they will allow their parents to do so.
  5. Test sustained touch on the child on the points you would normally tap.

Watch the video or read the transcript below!


Hey, guys, Deborah, and with our tapping tips for the week this week, I want to talk about helping kids with autism. They’re tough and the reason they’re tough is they’re so easily overstimulated and tapping itself can be so overstimulating for them that you’re out of the water before you ever get in the water. They’re just not going to let you help. So there’s a couple of different ways that you can approach autistic kids. One is you can try surrogate tapping.

So there are three different options for how to use surrogate tapping. The first option is to tap on yourself. So I’m Justin and I have this fear of the sound of Justin. I’m scared of this sound and tap on yourself. It’s highly effective, surprisingly effective, and can be a great way to do the work without even having the child particularly involved. So the next thing you can do is surrogate tap with the parents or have the parent surrogate tap as if they’re the child.

So I’m Justin, blah, blah, blah, and work that way. So the third option is to have one of the parents, you know, have the mother or whatever, put the child in their lap and then tap on themselves. That energy exchange is the contact between the mom and the and the child is really powerful. And then she just taps on herself. Of course, you can also go to traditional tapping at that point and have the mom tapping on the child or have the father tapping on the child directly.

And the kids will usually allow that when they won’t allow strangers to touch them. So that’s another option. Now, another way to do this is to go straight up touch, and breathe. So touch and create, of course. Hold the point, take the breath, hold the point, take the breath. And that can be really calming for the child. It’s going to get the points touched. It’s going to get that the stimulation of the acupressure points without having the overstimulation of the tapping.

So there’s a couple of different ways you can work with kids with autism. I hope it helps guys. All right. Bye.

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